Hi, We’re Jill + Rachel

We ❤️ sweets and Jersey food and are betting you do too! Join as as we explore all things desserts from all over the world!

Dessert Menu is a passion project by a mother-daughter duo who have had their fair share of sweet treats on road trips across the East Coast. When we saw this site available for sale, we knew we had to have it so we can indulge our passion while making others drool. 🤤

Then, we found that Best NJ Foods was for sale early in 2024 so we jumped on buying that too. We will be traveling across the state looking for the best of the best when it comes to food – while still bringing you dessert stuff from all over the world.

Jill Caren (aka Mom) is a journalist and owner of Blue Collar Brain. She is a lifelong Jersey girl who can be found drinking Chai while taking photographs of dogs along the Jersey Shore. She loves traveling and road trips with her daughter – looking for the best sweet spots along the way – are her favorite thing ever.

Rachel (aka the kid) is a senior in college and is just happy that there is a coffee shop on campus to indulge in her Chai addiction, which was clearly inherited. She loves D&D, writing, and her cat Toast. As a kid she spent several years at Young Chef’s Academy where she mastered the art of the kitchen at a young age. She was also the owner of CupcakeKidCafe.com for several years which we sadly let go due to school getting in the way.

Together, we hope to introduce you to dessert ideas, menus, and baking resources you may have never heard of before!