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If you are looking for some delicious fried chicken, Chick fil A is an obvious place to head to. Yet there is a particular item …

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If you are looking for some delicious fried chicken, Chick fil A is an obvious place to head to. Yet there is a particular item on their menu that is certainly worth visiting for on its own – although it goes great with chicken too! Chick fil A lemonade is modern take on a classic drink. Great tasting and affordable, there is plenty worth liking about when it comes to Chick fil A awesome lemonade drinks!

There are currently two types of lemonade available at Chick fil A and they are both pretty cheap. As you would expect, the size of the beverage will dictate the price, but there are only a few sizes available so it’s easy to remember them!

Diet or Regular
Regular or Diet

First you have freshly squeezed lemonade. This drink is currently available in two sizes, medium and large. A medium will only set you back $1.75, which represents a fine deal! For those with a bigger thirst to quench, a large can be purchased for a little extra, costing just $2.09.

Then you have the richer Frosted Lemonade from Chick fil A. As this features an extra special ingredient, the price is a bit higher, but not by much. For instance, a small is available for $2.79, which is only a dollar more than a standard lemonade.

A large Frosted Lemonade from Chick fil A is the most expensive one available, costing $3.25. Again, this isn’t that costly in reality, so it is safe to say that Chick fil A lemonade is some of the cheapest around!

Why Chick fil A Lemonade?

So what exactly is so special about Chick fil A lemonade? Perhaps the biggest selling point is just how good it tastes. Nothing beats the taste of freshly made lemonade, and that is precisely what you will find here at Chick fil A.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice (from real lemons no less!) hep to give it that extra special taste, resulting in one sweet, refreshing drink that pairs wonderfully with the items on the Chick fil A menu.

Then we have the more unique frosted lemonade beverage.  It pairs the aforementioned fresh lemonade with another popular item from Chick fil A – an Icedream.

The Icedream is Chick fil A fantastic soft serve vanilla ice cream, and when combined together with lemonade you have one seriously tasty beverage on your hands.

Frosted Lemonade is a rich and creamy lemonade drink that you can’t find every eatery. It is wholly unique to Chick-fil-A and has gained quite the reputation for its amazing taste.