McDonald’s Milkshake (Shake) Prices and Flavors

Jill Caren

McDonald’s may be know for their nuggets and fries, but their shakes are a not to be missed sweet treat.

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As a kid you probably remember enjoying a Happy Meal at McDonalds. If you were really good Mom may have also splurged on a delicious milkshake!

While McDonald’s is best known for their iconic foods such as the Big Mac or McNuggets, they definitely deserve a shout out for their milkshakes.

But wait. Before we get started, here is an important thing to know!

Did you ever notice that McDonald’s does not actually use the word “milkshake” in their marketing? Their “milkshakes” are actually just called “shakes”.

Their shakes are made from their reduced-fat soft serve ice cream, which does contain milk. But some dairy regulations determine what can be called a milkshake in certain states. So, they decided to take the easier option of just calling them shakes, which would prevent any issues with dairy regulations.

Now onto the McDonald shake pricing and flavor information.

McDonalds Shake Prices

Prices for a McDonald’s shake may vary on location. New York City may charge more than Boise, Idaho for example. These prices are adjusted for locations and difficulties of getting ingredients.

It is important you check with your local store to get the most accurate pricing.

In general costs will average:

  • Small McDonald’s shake $4.50-$5.00
  • Medium McDonald’s shake $5.00-$5.50
  • Large McDonald’s shake $5.50-$6.00

McDonalds shake prices are inline with other fast food restaurants.

McDonalds Shakes Flavors

McDonalds shakes often referred to as McCafe Shakes, come in a few standard flavors that are available all year round. There are also some featured flavors that are released throughout the year.

The shake flavors from range from classics such as strawberry to seasonal specials like the Shamrock Shake. It’s all down to personal tastes, but you cannot go wrong with a thick, creamy shake from McDonalds no matter the flavor! The same goes for treats at Steak And Shakes.

McDonald’s shake flavors available all year

The below flavors are available in most locations all year round. They are available in small, medium and large.

  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate

As you can imagine, these are not without lots of calories. So, if a diet is your plan – these shakes definitely will kill your calorie intake.

  • Small chocolate shakes have 520 calories
  • Medium chocolate shakes have 650 calories
  • Large chocolate shakes have 800 calories

Vanilla shakes have a bit less, and others will vary based on flavors.

McDonald’s shake flavor specialities

McDonald’s often releases new flavors and of course fan favorites through the year. The best way to see what is up and coming is to follow the on social. Below are some shake flavors that McDonald’s has released in the past – and just might bring back when they feel like it.

  • Shamrock Shake: A fun green colored shake released around St. Patrick’s Day. Customize it by making it half shamrock and half chocolate for an extra flavor burst.
  • Grimace Shake: This was a special release in 2023. A berry flavored treat to celebrate the 52nd birthday of Gramice
  • Blue Beetle Shake: In 2023 they released a special Blue Beetle shake to coincide with the release of the superhero film.

You never know when they will come out with new flavors – so be sure to at least give them a like on Facebook. Better yet – sign up for their newsletter so you never miss a shake opportunity!