12 April Fools’ Day Prank Recipes That Will Bring The Laughs

Jill Caren

Make April Fools’ Day a bit more fun with these creative recipes that look like the real thing.

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For some, April Fools’ Day is better than Christmas! If you are looking for some ideas for dinner then, these are some pranks that will get the kids – and adults, laughing. Below are 10 of our favorite food pranks to get you inspired.

Cheeseburger Cupcakes

cupcakes that look like fathers day
DIY and Fun

Surprise dad after a hard day’s work with a cheeseburger and french fries for dinner. But, when he bites in – it won’t be meat he will be eating, but a cupcake! This realistic looking cupcake is a perfect April Fool’s Day play that will have the whole family in giggles.

View recipe on DIY and Fun.

Chicken Nuggets with French Fries Dinner

chicken nuggets and french fries april fools prank dinner
Fork and Beans

Definitely one for the kids! These chicken nuggets and french fries look so real the kids will not know any different until they take that first bite. Crinkle cut apples and cereal treats make the base for this amazing April Fools’ dinner.

View recipe on Fork and Beans

Peanut Butter Potstickers

peanut butter potstickers trick recipe
Party Pinching

Sweet little potsticker treats will be a fun after school snack for the kids on April Fools’ Day – or any day. Bread, peanut butter and a chocolate dipping sauce look like real potstickers, but are filled with sweetness that everyone will love.

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Corn Dog Cake Pops

cake pops that looks like corn dogs
Baste Cut Fold

Take a trip to the ballpark with these fun corn dog inspired cake pops. Yellow cake with a little food coloring and buttercream accents for mustard give these pops a realistic corn dog look. Perfect foodie trick for any summer event!

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Spaghetti and Meatball Cupcakes

cupcakes that look like spaghetti and meatballs
Cake Mix Recipes

A super surprise that looks like spaghetti and meatballs but the burst of sweet flavors tell a different story. These adorable cupcakes are a fun play for April’s Fools Day – or any day you want to have some fun.

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Watermelon Slice Cookies

cookies that look like watermelon
Oh My Sugar High

Ready to take a bite out of a sweet juicy watermelon slice? Oh, wait! Biting these into these will give you the sweet – but not juice, because they are cookies! Have some fun with your friends and family with these sweet treats.

View recipe on Oh My Sugar High

Rice Crispy Sushi and Sashimi

desserts that look like sushi
The Spiffy Cookie

Sushi or Sugar? This creative recipe features sushi looking treats that are definitely created with sugary goodness that will surprise the palate. Using rice crispy, Swedish fish, fruit roll ups and more you can create a fun and surprising dessert that is perfect for fun play on friends.

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Hezzi D’s Recipe Box

cupcakes that looks like eggs
Hezzi D’s Recipe Box

Bacon and eggs are a classic! But what happens when you create a cupcake that looks like bacon and eggs? Well, you have a fun food play that will definitely bring on some belly laughs. But wait – the best part of this cupcake is the real bacon in the cupcake! This will become a family favorite for sure.

View recipe on Hezzi D’s Recipe Box

Faux Pigs In A Blanket

pigs in a blanket dessert idea
Good Grief Cook

Look at how real these pigs in a blanket look! But there is no meat involved in these creative yummy snacks. A few carrots, crescent tolls, and maple syrup are just some of the yummy ingredients that make this faux pigs in a blanket look real.

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Ice Cream Steak and Eggs

april fools day breakfast with pound cake and ice cream
Good Grief Cook

Make dad or mom a breakfast that will leave them laughing. This realistic looking breakfast features poundcake toast, with vanilla and chocolate ice cream for the meat and egg. The center of the egg is a canned apricot and the grill marks feature chocolate wafer cookies.

View idea on Good Grief Cook

Cherry Pie Cupcakes

cupcakes that look like cherry pies
Oh My Sugar High

These are not only great for a little fun – but also make a great summer or holiday dessert. These cupcakes actually like little miniature cherry pies – but there is actually no cherry in them. A little fondant helps give it the fun topping that will leave others a bit confused!

View recipe on Oh My Sugar High

Realistic Tacos

dessert tacos plated
Fork and Beans

One of the most real looking tacos! But, we promise they are sweet treats that will take any eater by surprise. Taco meat from quinoa, peanut butter and chocolate. Strawberry salsa and whipped cream all add to the realistic look. Even the olives – those are black jelly beans!

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Jello Desserts We Cannot Believe People Ate

Some of these gelatin based dishes graced American tables for decades, but we are glad they don’t anymore. From fish to vegetables there is no shortage of creative things people made with jello.

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