BJ’s Cakes Custom-Made Lift To Your Occasion: Menu’s And Prices

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Everybody likes a good cake. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or even National Cake Day (November 26th, if you really want to know), cake …

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Everybody likes a good cake. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or even National Cake Day (November 26th, if you really want to know), cake can spice up social occasions and get the party started. BJs cakes can provide a custom-made lift to your occasion, whatever it may be.

Some people say that homemade cakes are the best cakes. However, not all of us are gifted with culinary skills, and with today’s hectic modern lifestyle, many of us do not have the time to bake a cake from scratch whenever we need one. When this is the case, it is the ideal time to outsource your cake-making, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your life, or the last minute details of organizing an event for a special occasion. We would recommend BJs cakes as the ones to choose to make your special cake.

What Is BJs?

BJs Wholesale Club Inc., which is often referred to as BJs, is an American membership-only warehouse club chain with stores all along the East Coast and also in Ohio. It got the name “BJs” after Beverly Jean Weich, the daughter of Mervyn Weich who was the first president of BJs when it was started by department store chain Zayre in 1984.

The first BJs was located in Massachusetts, but the chain has since expanded greatly. Clubs are now located in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Ohio. BJ’s currently operates 200 BJ’s clubs in 16 states and employs more than 25,000 part time and full time team members.


BJ’s aim is to offer “pretty much everything under the sun,” without its members having to overpay for quality products. To this end, they offer top-rated products from some of America’s most well-respected companies at exceptional wholesale prices. From electronics to housewares, athletic equipment, cakes, pies & brownies, food, and health and beauty supplies, BJs claims to have everything that a person could need to buy.


BJs is a member-only warehouse, meaning that a potential customer must sign up as a member before being able to take advantage of the deals it offers. Both individual customers and businesses can sign up to become BJs members. BJs memberships normally last for twelve months from the date of purchase and must be renewed yearly.

However, this membership fee is well worth it. BJs offers a range of special benefits to its members, such as “member pricing,” acceptance of all valid manufacturers’ coupons, many named brand products at discounted wholesale prices, and acceptance of many forms of payment (including cash, check, debit cards, all major credit cards, and EBT SNAP benefits).

Many branches of BJs clubs also offer special services to their members, such as gas stations, heating oil, optician’s services, propane tank filling services, and a selection of vacation packages. These services, however, vary depending on the location of the club; not every club will have every service.

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Membership Pricing

Inner Circle (individual) Membership

Rewards Membership

If you want to become a BJs member, then a standard Inner Circle (individual) membership at BJs will cost you $55 per year. BJs also offers an additional “Rewards” membership that may be purchased for an additional $55 per year. The Rewards membership allows 2% of most of a member’s purchases to be “rewarded” and redeemed for use towards future purchases at BJ’s (though alcohol, gas, and tobacco products are not included in the list of products eligible for this special deal).

Business members are able to apply to BJ’s in order to purchase their products for resale, and members of non-profit organizations have the option to apply for tax-exempt privileges at BJ’s (where applicable).

Types of Cakes and Prices

white round bjs cakes topped with yellow slice fruit

Image via: Pexels

In line with the company’s mission statement, BJs cakes are premium products at wholesale prices. BJs cakes, brownies, and pies are fresh and of high quality, meaning that its members can rest assured they are bringing home the goods when they bring home BJs cakes.

Members are always able to choose from a wide selection of pre-made fresh and pre-packaged cakes, brownies, pies and cookies at BJs. However, if planning for a special occasion, they may choose to take advantage of BJs’ bespoke bakery service. This surprisingly affordable service allows BJs members to order the perfect cake for any occasion, iced to perfection, and even include a personalized message if they wish.

Cake Fillings and Icing Flavors


Vanilla mousse

Chocolate mousse

Strawberry mouse



Buttercream icing

Non-dairy whipped icing

Traditional white icing

Cake flavors available in the BJ’s bakery include gold cake and marble cake. Customers also have the option of going “half and half” on their cakes, so that they can order a cake that is half gold cake and half marble cake. If cupcakes are what you want for your occasion or event, you can choose between vanilla and chocolate.

birthday cake dessert

Image via: Pixabay

Members have the option of choosing their filling types – vanilla mousse, chocolate mousse, and strawberry mousse, as well as a delicious buttercream filling. Cupcakes are available stylishly topped with white frosting. Customers can choose between buttercream icing, non-dairy whipped icing, and traditional white icing to form the outside of their cake.

Cake Sizes

birthday cake candles

Image via: Pixabay

When ordering a cake it can often be difficult to know from the dimensions of a cake and exactly how many people it will serve. BJs cakes makes this process easy for its customers. Their cakes come in a range of different sizes, and next to each size is a guide to how many people that particular cake will feed. So whether you want to serve 12-16 people or as many as 60-75, BJs cakes can help you choose what you need.

Cake Shapes

  • Sheet cake
  • Round cake
  • Two-tiered cake

When ordering their custom cake, members may choose from sheet cake, round cake, and even a two-tiered cake, as well as cupcakes (which are supplied in boxes of 12).


Whatever the type of frosting chosen to cover the cake, the background color will be white or cream. However, each customer is at liberty to choose the color they would like for the trim decoration and for the customized written message. The color options are black, blue, brown, green, yellow, pink, purple, and red.

cupcake muffin cake candy

Image via: Pixabay

Custom Messages

BJs cakes will ice a special message onto your cake for you of up to 40 characters (including spaces). You will have more than enough room to wish somebody “Happy Birthday!” or “Get Well Soon!” Of course, if customers wish to decorate their cake themselves and want the top of the cake left blank, this is also possible.


BJs cakes are priced differently according to size, filling, icing, and decoration. Some options are straightforward and are marked clearly on the order form as costing a certain amount. Other options may vary depending on what is required, and you may wish to ring up BJs or visit in store to make further enquiries. However, what is consistent across all the types and flavors of cakes is the value for money offered. When you can get cake for 75 people from as little as $40, that is an offer too good to refuse.

How to Order BJs Cakes

If you have decided that you want to order a BJs cake, what should your next step be? BJs members may choose to order their custom cake in one of two ways: they can either go online and fill in the order form on the BJs website, or they can visit the bakery in their local BJs warehouse.


Members can order BJs cakes by filling in the straightforward online order form. After entering their personal details, as well as their location and the store they would like to order from, the customer can select their cake options from a series of drop-down lists detailing cake type and size, cake icing color, and any special messages to be written on the cake.

In Store

Happy birthday cake with baloons

Image via: Pixabay

If they so wish, customers may choose to make their cake order in any BJs store. This option might particularly suit those who are not quite sure what they want and wish to discuss their options with a Team Member before ordering.

However you choose to order, the cake will be ready for pickup in 36 hours (though you can also specify a specific pickup date and time if you wish to order a long time ahead).

Customers who have reserved a cake should go to the bakery counter where their order will be waiting for them. They then just need to take the cake to the front register and pay for it as they would with any other BJs product.


bj cake store

Image via: Pixabay

BJs cakes provide an ideal mix of convenience and high quality. Whether you need a cake for a birthday, retirement, wedding, or just to treat your colleagues at the office, BJs cakes are the product you need.

With such a simple ordering system for a low cost, high quality, and thoroughly delicious product, at BJs you really can have your cake and eat it too!

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