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With all the coffee chains and brands we have access to, it can seem as though they are all the same—unless you’ve tried Black Rifle …

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With all the coffee chains and brands we have access to, it can seem as though they are all the same—unless you’ve tried Black Rifle Coffee Company.Black Rifle Coffee Company is at the tip of the spear in the coffee industry. Veteran owned and operated/, they are taking the fight to the enemy with their innovative business strategy, a formidable attitude, and a killer product. One would be hard pressed to find a group more passionate about what they do.Besides roasting the freshest coffee right here in America, many of their products support organizations devoted to helping the men and women who fight for our country, as well as law enforcement and first responders. Whether on the front lines overseas or on the home front, Black Rifle Coffee Company provides the firepower and tactical support necessary to complete the mission, whatever it may be.

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Black Rifle Coffee Company Menu


Any skilled worker or craftsman knows the value of a well-diversified toolbox. It contains whatever they might need to tackle any challenge or project that comes their way. Black Rifle Coffee Company knows this, which is why they have an array of products ranging from light support to full-on fire for effect.

Just Black

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The flagship of the Black Rifle Coffee Company armada, Just Black is a no-nonsense medium roast sourced from 100% Columbian Excelso beans. Like the trusty M16 that adorns the bag, it is a versatile tool that can accomplish many missions. No fanfare, no quarter, just black.

Silencer Smooth       

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The suppressor has a special place in our hearts. It is the sign of a quiet killer; a precise and silent professional. This is the character of Silencer Smooth. The lightest roast available from Black Rifle 

Coffee Company, Silencer Smooth is the operator you go to when you want things done quietly and without a trace.  

AK-47 Espresso Blend

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The AK-47 has been the weapon of choice for America’s enemies for over thirty years. It is among the most reliable mass-produced firearms ever made, surviving the wear and tear of intense cold, sand, 

incessant rain, and mud. The AK-47 Espresso Blend is no different; it never fails to deliver a stream of fully automatic focus and the brass needed to accomplish the mission.

Gunship Coffee Roast

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The Gunship Coffee Roast is a perfectly balanced brew of 100% Columbian Excelso beans and will have you riding steady into the heat of your day even amid heavy fire.

Beyond Black

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One must know the darkness to recognize the light. This roast is for the trooper that goes out and greets the unknown before it arrives at his doorstep. Fear is but a sensation of the body and a 

challenge for the mind. This is the roast that Fear itself shudders before. Go beyond the black with Beyond Black Coffee Roast.

CAF Coffee Roast

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Some days hit us like a round from a 120 mm Howitzer. Amid intense opposition, when the mission is teetering on the edge of failure from a formidable enemy, it helps to have an extra dose of 

firepower. The CAF Coffee Roast has all the shock and awe one could ever want, with twice the amount of caffeine as a normal cup of coffee. CAF Coffee Roast is for when you really want to take it to the enemy. Disclaimer: According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a severe caffeine overdose can cause fast and erratic heartbeats, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, and disorientation.

Coffee or Die Roast


This roast is an ode to the roots of our great nation; to that great editorial cartoon that proclaimed “Join or Die”. Thankfully we joined because what followed was the rise of the greatest nation to have ever been established in the Universe. Let’s raise a mug of Coffee or Die to the sky and sing the praises of our founding fathers and all those who have fallen in defense of our freedom.

Freedom Roast


A well-bodied medium roast that smells almost as good as the principal it is named after. Its flavor reflects all the checks and balances that make this country excellent and maintain our freedom from foreign invaders and domestic tyrants. Let freedom ring.

Death Punch Blend

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This one is for all the metal heads out there. In collaboration with the band Five Finger Death Punch, this dark-medium blend fires up the soul into a fervor worthy of a brutal mosh pit. A portion of the profits from this blend and other Five Finger Death Punch branded merchandise goes to the Home Deployment Project, an organization that helps provide individualized support to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by providing them with safe homes, medical and social services, and counseling.

Fit Fuel Blend


Black Rifle Coffee Company has declared war on all pre-workout supplements. This Columbian Excelso and Robusta blend has an extra caffeine kick and serves as a natural alternative to pre-workout shakes, drinks, and chemicals like taurine. A cup of Fit Fuel in your system will have you hitting the gym like a round from an M1 Abrams tank. Go get some.

Blackbeard’s Delight Roast

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This dark roast comes from the murky depths of the seven seas. It is a favorite amongst Cthulhu, the Kraken, Davy Jones, and many other deep-sea nightmares. Brewed from 100% Brazilian beans, Blackbeard’s Delight Roast will give you the get-up-and-go necessary to be a member of Blackbeard’s motley crew.

Freedom Fuel Coffee Roast


Dark and bold, just like the men and women that fight to secure our nation. This roast offers a dose of patriotism in every cup to keep your freedom machine working as if it rolled off the line of an American factory.

Murdered Out Coffee Roast

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Black holes are said to be the darkest things in the Universe, but light has trouble escaping the gravity of this extra-dark roast. If you’re looking for an extra dose of darkness in your life, Murdered Out Coffee Roast is an ideal candidate to fuel moonless nighttime operations.

Thin Blue Line Coffee Roast


Between order and chaos, between good and evil, there exists a thin blue line. A team of dedicated men and women hold the line against crime and keep us safe in our homes so we may enjoy all the rights and privileges that freedom provides. A roast similar in character to Just Black, a portion of profits from the Thin Blue Line Roast are donated to the law enforcement community to provide them with vital equipment and training to maintain order and justice.

Black Buffalo Roast


There was a time when people used their hands, not to type away at a desk or collect data, but to create, forge, and build. The Black Buffalo Roast is a harkening back to that time when there was a pride to be had in a hard day’s work.

VTAC Berzerker Blend


The Vikings were some of the most bloodthirsty and vicious warriors ever to walk the earth. The sight of their characteristic ships brought terror to anyone that saw them in the mist of the early morning. Among the Viking warriors were those known as Berzerkers, maniacs of pure brutality that ventured into battle completely naked. They could be found prior to battle chewing on their shields, eager to shed the blood of their enemy. Awaken the berzerker within.

Warriors Heart Blend


The Black Rifle Coffee Company is committed to helping serve the veteran, law enforcement, and the first responder community. With the Warriors Heart Blend, you too can help to support those that support and protect us. 100% of profits made from this blend go to the Warriors Heart Foundation, an organization that helps vets get back on their feet after struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, PTSD, and mild traumatic brain injury.

Complete Mission Fuel Kit

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If you find yourself overwhelmed by Black Rifle Coffee Company’s incredible selection, the Complete Mission Fuel Kit will give you a sampling of their most popular roasts. With 12-ounce bags of the Just Black, Beyond Black, Silencer Smooth, and AK-47 Espresso blend, all at a discounted rate, you’ll accomplish mission after mission.Besides whole bean and ground options, many roasts are available in coffee rounds, Black Rifle Coffee Company’s K-cup option.


Some prices may vary, but a onetime purchase of any 12-ounce bag will be about $15. 5 lb bags will cost you $75. There is a subscription option, the Coffee Club, which will shave 15% off the price and includes free shipping. They can even select the beans for you if you have trouble deciding.


The Black Rifle Coffee Company is an excellent company devoted to an incredible mission. When drinking a cup of Black Rifle coffee, one can be assured that American hands made it and that they are supporting a business that helps protect the people who protect all of us. Whether you prefer a smooth blonde roast, a blend as dark as the heart of a black hole, or something with a little extra firepower, Black Rifle Coffee Company has something that will suit your tastes and needs.

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