Burger King Desserts the Family Will Love


Take a peak at the great desserts you can top off that Whopper with at Burger King!

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There is nothing better than following up that Whopper meal with a sweet treat, and Burger King desserts do not disappoint. The desserts Burger King offers appeal to a range of taste buds and are sure to please even the most hard to please sugar lover.

This roundup of Burger King desserts is current as of 2024. While many of these are staples on the menu, the home of the Whopper does sometimes test out new dessert options too. Follow them on social media to look out for those new and special options.

Also, not all locations will have all options available! You can check with your local Burger King or online to see what desserts are available in your area.

1. Flavored Shakes

Creamy shakes made from their traditional soft serve makes a perfect ending to any meal. They are thick and creamy and available in several different flavors including chocolate, vanilla and chocolate OREO.

Chocolate OREO features real OREA cookie bits with in their vanilla soft serve. There is a chocolate version as well. But, be aware – they are not light on the calories coming in an at around 560+ calories. Prices range based on your area but be prepared to spend about $4.00-$4.99 for a Burger King shake.

2. HERSHEY’S Sundae Pie

hersheys sundae pie with coffee at burgerking

A scrumptious mix of flavors and textures that chocolate lovers will fall in love with. This pie features a crust that is crunchy and oozing in chocolate flavor. It is topped with a chocolate cream filling and whipped cream mix. At the top you will find a chocolate drizzle and chocolate chips that will crunch in your mouth.

The HERSHEY’S sundae pie is 310 calories and will cost around $2.50-$3.00 depending on your location.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

A classic treat that can be found just about anywhere, but these are not your ordinary chocolate chip cookies. These are OTIS SPUNKMEYER cookies. Basked daily and loaded with chocolate chips and a soft chewy cookie, these will be a treat everyone will love.

These cookies come 2 in a serving and cost about $1.00-$1.50 depending on your area. Two cookies are roughly 320 calories.

4. Soft Serve Cup or Cone

One of the most classic Burger King desserts that little kids particularly love. Soft server is technically not ice cream but ice milk. This is because it does not have the percentage of milk needed to be able to call it ice cream.

But that does not mean it lacks in flavor and yumminess. The vanilla flavored soft serve contains milk fat and nonfat milk, sugar, sweet whey, corn syrup and more to give it the rick creamy texture and flavors.

Most locations have toppings so you can turn your soft serve into a sundae! Caramel, chocolate and strawberry are the most commonly available flavors. Some locations also offer toppings like M&M’s, cookie crumbles and more.

Soft serve is available in a cup or on a waffle cone. They both average about $1.75-$2.00 in price depending on location. Soft serve cups are 180 calories and cones are 200 calories when served plain.

Burger King Shake Prices

Above we have noted some basic pricing for the soft-serve shakes. But to help you see the variations, we dug a little deeper to get pricing in a few areas across the country.

  • Los Angeles, CA – $4.99
  • Miami, FL – $4.29
  • Omaha, Nebraska – $4.09
  • Hawaii locations can be as high as $7.69

So, you can see they can vary pretty greatly from area to area.

Burger King Coffee

Can you really have dessert without coffee? We don’t think so! They are like best friends just waiting to make you deliriously happy.

Burger King has a small coffee selection is definitely worth trying out! It is affordable but definitely not lacking in rich flavors.

The BJ Cafe is a smooth coffee that is made from Arabica beans from Central and South America.

It is available in three sizes in both regular and decaf:

  • Small costs approximately $1.59
  • Medium costs approximately $2.49
  • Large costs approximately $2.89

Iced coffee is also available for a few cents more in each size.

Like all the items in this article, pricing may vary by location. But, we hope the next time you head out to Burger King you give one of these desserts a try! Let us know what you think if you do.

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