Carlo’s Bakery For Cake and Cannoli Lovers: Menu & Prices

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If you’ve had the chance to tune in to Cake Boss on the TLC television network, then you have surely heard of Carlo’s Bake Shop …

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If you’ve had the chance to tune in to Cake Boss on the TLC television network, then you have surely heard of Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken NJ. But did you know Carlo’s Bakery has locations in nine states, from Connecticut to California, or that they even have a location in Sao Paulo, Brazil? Carlo’s delicious goods are no longer only for those in Hoboken. Cake and cannoli lovers countrywide can now find Carlo’s Bakery in over twenty different locations.

About Carlo’s Bakery

Carlo's Bakery logo

Famous for their impossibly tasty pastries, Carlo’s Bakery is mainly famous for its home base: Carlo’s Bake Shop. This historic bakery has been in business in Hoboken, NJ since the early 1900s and is featured on TLC’s Cake Boss.

Opened by Carlo Guastaffero in 1910, Carlo’s was taken over by Bartolo Valastro Sr. in 1964. Current Valastro family matriarch Mary Valastro began her tenure at the helm of Carlo’s Bakery in 1994. With the help of her children, including Grace, Maddalena, Mary, Lisa, and Bartolo Jr. and their families, Mary has overseen an incredible expansion of the business, now boasting locations in nine states.

The Valastro family’s commitment to excellence has garnered them national attention.  Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro Jr., a true master baker, has seen his name grace the cover of many magazines including The Knot and Modern Bride. In addition to Today’s Show viewers naming his cake the “Best in America”, Buddy has appeared many times on the Food Network to show off his wedding cakes and other specialty pastries, known countrywide for their detailed sugar designs, that are as tasty as they are beautiful.

Buddy Valastro

Buddy Valastro This fourth-generation master baker spent innumerable hours learning the crafts of baking and business from his father, Buddy Sr., at the bakery his family has run since 1964. And now that his creations have won many awards and have been featured in major publications and on national television, the man who made Carlo’s Bakery a household name has opened his own restaurant, Buddy V’s, in the Venetian Las Vegas.

Carlo’s Bakery Locations

New Jersey

  • 95 Washington Street, Hoboken
  • 300 Route 73 S., Marlton
  • 40 Market Street, Morristown
  • 12 Wilsey Square, Ridgewood
  • 86 Broad Street, Red Bank
  • 21 E. Broad Street, Westfield
  • 1400 Willowbrook Mall, Willowbrook

New York

  • 625 8th Avenue at 42nd St, Times Square
  • The Gallery at Westbury Plaza, Westbury / Garden City


  • 2101 Walnut St. at 21st St., Philadelphia
  • 77 Sands Boulevard, Sands Bethlehem


  • 8319 Preston Road, Dallas
  • 2601 Preston Road, Frisco
  • 1201 Lake Woodlands Dr., The Woodlands
  • 15900 La Cantera Parkway, San Antonio


  • 1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard, Mohegan Sun


  • 8001 Orange Blossom Trail, Florida Mall


  • The Venetian | Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas


  • 60 East Broadway, Mall of America


  • 1000 Cumberland Mall, Cumberland Mall in Atlanta
  • 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd., Perimeter Mall in Atlanta


  • 1354 3rd St Promenade, Santa Monica


  • R. Bela Cintra, 2182 – Consolação, Sao Paulo

Carlo’s Bakery Menu and Prices

Note that all menu items and prices are current as of publication, but are subject to change without notice and may vary by location. This is provided as a general guide only.

Cake Slices

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Chocolate Fudge Cake


The quintessential cake, chocolate with fudge frosting, topped with ganache and decorated with fudge piping.

Salted Caramel Cake Slice


Salted caramel buttercream and swirled dulce de leche, mixed with delectable vanilla cake and adorned with shavings of white chocolate.

Strawberry Shortcake Cake Slice  $6.95

Carlo’s Bakery-style shortcake with layers of vanilla sponge cake, whipped cream, and sliced strawberries.

Vanilla Fudge Cake Slice


Delectable vanilla cake, chocolate fudge icing, decorated with sprinkles and buttercream.

Cookies & Cream Cake Slice $6.95

Chocolate layered cake with cookies and cream, swiss buttercream, adorned with Orea crumbs.

Italian Cheesecake Slice


Traditional ricotta cheesecake with flaky butter dough adorned with powdery sugar.

Tres Leches Cake Slice


Three types of milk soaked into vanilla sponge cake and layers of whipped cream and fruit.

Vanilla Confetti Cake Slice


Vanilla cake and sprinkles with vanilla icing layers and rainbow sprinkles.

Rainbow Cake Slice


Six-layered, rainbow-colored cake filled with vanilla icing and adorned with rainbow sprinkles.

Carrot Cake Slice


Shredded carrots and chopped nuts with cream cheese frosting.

Red Velvet Cake Slice


Classic Southern recipe with cream cheese frosting, outside decorated with red velvet cake crumbles.


Milk Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries (1lb)


Strawberries dipped in Belgian milk chocolate. Size and quantity vary, sold in 1lb servings.

Dark Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries (1lb)


Strawberries dipped in Belgian dark chocolate. Size and quantity vary, sold in 1lb servings.

White Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries (1lb)


Strawberries dipped in Belgian white chocolate. Size and quantity vary, sold in 1lb servings.

Traditional Lobster Tail

Crunchy, flaky dough baked to a gold-hued brown, powdered sugar sprinkled and cream filled.

Cookies & Cream Lobster Tail

Cookies and cream filled and powdered sugar sprinkled.

Chocolate Hazelnut Lobster Tail

Delectable chocolate hazelnut cream filled and powdered sugar sprinkled.

Salted Caramel Lobster Tail

Delectable salted caramel cream filled and powdered sugar sprinkled.

Assorted Pastries

An assortment of your own choice of delectable pastries.

American Napoleon


Mila Foglia pastry made by hand in French cream layers and adorned in chocolate and white icing.


Carlo’s Bakery cannoli in a crispy shell, ricotta cheese, and chocolate chip filled and powder sugar sprinkled.

Chocolate-dipped Cannoli

Chocolate-dipped signature shell, ricotta cheese and chocolate chip filled.

Cream Puff


Custard filled and powdered sugar sprinkled.



Custard filled puff pastry topped with a ganache.

Strawberry Eclair


Whipped cream and strawberry filled puff pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Platter (2-3 lb)

Assorted, delicious chocolate-covered strawberries.

Specialty Lobster Tail Platter $49.50

Assorted, delicious lobster tail mix.

Lobster Tail Platter


Carlo’s Bakery’s famous French cream-filled puff pastry.

Assorted Cookie Platter


Assorted cookies including chocolate chip, M&M, double chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, and peanut butter. 12 cookies in all. Contains nuts.

Red Gift Card

Reserve online and select the amount at store pickup. Only valid for purchases made in store.

Cannoli Gift Card

Reserve online and select the amount at store pickup. Only valid for purchases made in store.


Apple Turnover (2pc)


Carlo’s Bakery turnover made with apple slices and topped with glazed honey and flat vanilla frosting.

Buttercrumb Danish (2pc)


Traditional Danish with buttercrumb icing and glazed with honey.

Cheese Danish (2pc)


Adorned with glaze this petite Danish packs a punch with ricotta cream cheese.

Pecan Danish (2pc)


Absolutely pecan packed, topped with vanilla icing and glazed with honey. 


Assorted Individuals (8pc)

Your choice of a delicious individual treat combination.

Individual Dark Chocolate (2pc)


This tiny torte made from dark chocolate has layers of ganache and is drizzled with milk chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate shavings.

Individual White Chocolate Mousse (2pc) $11.95

Another tasty mini, this time with Callebaut white chocolate, a mousse made from heavy and whipped cream and ganache glazed.

Individual Strawberry Cheesecake (2pc)


A true crowd-pleaser, this strawberry cheesecake is topped with one huge strawberry.

Individual Chocolate Mousse Strawberry Cheesecake (2pc)


Traditional plain cheesecake with Philadelphia cream cheese and chocolate mousse on top with a chocolate-dipped strawberry.


Assorted Cupcakes

Assorted from Carlo’s signature styles.

Vanilla Buttercream (2pc)


A Meringue-based buttercream icing tops these sprinkle-covered vanilla cupcakes.

Vanilla Fudge Cupcake (2pc) $4.50

A delicious chocolate fudge icing tops these sprinkle-covered vanilla cupcakes.

Chocolate Fudge Cupcake (2pc) $4.50

A delicious chocolate fudge icing tops these sprinkle-covered chocolate cupcakes.


Sprinkle Cookie (2pc)


Classic butter cookie topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Double Chocolate with White Chocolate Chips (2pc) $6.00

White chips adorn this soft, delicious cookie.

Chocolate Chip Cookie (2pc) $6.00

Classic daily-fresh baked cookie.

M&M Cookie (2pc)


A soft classic remade with M&M candies.

Peanut Butter Cookie (2pc) $6.00

Chunks of peanut butter together with a classic cookie recipe.

Raspberry Linzer Tart (2pc) $6.00

Raspberry jam-filled Linzer cookies.

Platters and Trays

Classic Cannoli Platter


This famous Carlo’s cannoli is available in both original and chocolate cream-filled to the brim and powdered sugar sprinkled. Your mouth will water over 16 pieces, including four of Carlo’s chocolate-dipped and twelve traditional.

Specialty Lobster Tail Platter $49.50

The most talked about platter on the menu comes with cannolis filled with French cream, cookies & cream, chocolate hazelnut, and yummy salted caramel.

Classic Lobster Tail Platter $49.50

French cream-filled puff pastries comprise this famous Carlo’s platter.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Tray

Assorted plump strawberries dipped in delicious Belgian chocolate.

Enjoy Carlo’s Bakery’s Delectable Cakes and Pastries Across the USA

Folks in nine states now have the chance to try Carlo’s Bakery, the famous delectable pastries from the TLC television show Cake Boss. The historic bakery established in 1910, whose recipes have been perfected by the master baker Buddy Valastro and celebrated in numerous publications and national television programs, now offers all of their amazing pastries. Sweet treats available include cupcakes, cannolis, lobster tails, and cakes, at over twenty locations across the country.

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