Flower Cupcakes So Realistic You Will Do A Double Take

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Imagine a cupcake that is so beautiful you do not want to eat it. Or a cupcake that is made to look like a real …

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Imagine a cupcake that is so beautiful you do not want to eat it. Or a cupcake that is made to look like a real flower and is so detailed you think it is real. This list features a few cupcake artists that are taking over Instagram with their amazing creations. A few of these bakers also offer courses and resources to help you master the art of flower cupcake making if you are inspired to give it a try. While there are some bigger companies doing flower cupcakes, please shop small instead! There are bound to be local bakers that can make cupcakes that look like flowers if you do a search or ask a friend! Now, on to some amazing cupcake creations from around the world.

Cakes by Jane Taylor

Credit: Jane Taylor / Instagram
Jane Taylor is not just a baker, but has a well-respected course teaching others to create these beautiful flower desserts. Her Instagram is filled with amazing creations that will blow your mind! From a stunning rose bouquet to a beautiful palette of various flowers, there is no shortage of inspiration.

Petals Bakehouse

floral cupcakes from petals bakehouse in UK
Credit: Petals Bakehouse
Petals Bakehouse is a UK based bakery owned by Alice Ward. Her floral artistry is not only 100% edible, but stunningly beautiful. Every cake she makes is a custom masterpiece with buttercream accents that come to life to create one unique event.

Cakes by the Bunch

cakes by the bunch flower cupcake flower box
Credit: Cakes by the Bunch
Cakes by the Bunch is a UK based artist that creates not just floral cupcakes, but puts them in bouquets and even window boxes for a true visual delight. These elegant creations will confuse your guests – should they eat them or smell them?

Cakes by Lynn

These flower cupcakes will make you do a double take! Stunning colors and designs that make it hard to know if they are cupcakes - or the real thing!
Credit: Cakes by Lynn
Lynn is a baker out of South Africa with an amazing collection baked artistry in her portfolio. Cakes by Lynn offers classes and a variety of sweet treats that can be customized to your liking. Her cactus and succulent cupcakes are so incredibly wonderful and unique – and I bet they taste as good as they look!

Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

one dozen flower cupcakes from Yvonne's vegan kitchen
Credit: Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen
Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen is located in Pasadena, California and offers beautifully designed flower cupcakes that will amaze guests. The stunning display features roses, lilacs and more with no detail missing to make it look like real floral accents. Oh, and of course they are vegan too!


bouquet made of flower cupcakes from flowerbake
Credit: Flowerbake
Angela Calamogna is the owner of Flowerbake, a bakery located in Bronxville, NY. She is a self-taught baker that uses the highest quality ingredients to create her amazing floral cupcake bouquets. Select your cake and colors to create a bouquet of cupcake flowers for any occasion.

Ruby Red Co.

flower cupcakes from ruby red co
Credit: Ruby Red Co.
Based in Cape Girardeau, MO, Ruby Red Co offers a beautiful selection of made to order flower cupcakes that will impress every guest! From succulent designs to floral bouquets, you can create the perfect accent for your dessert table.

Crumbs Custom Cupcakes

cupcake flower bouquets from crumbs custom cupcakes
Credit: Crumbs Custom Cupcakes
Out of Cape Town, South Africa we have Crumbs Custom Cupcakes with an amazing collection of cupcake flower bouquets. No matter the flower type, color scheme or design you want, they seem to be able to do it. Every bouquet is custom created complete with paper, ribbon and a tin for displaying them.

Cupcake Bouquets

deep colored flower cupcake 6-pack
Credit: Cupcake Bouquets
A New Jersey based bakery, Cupcake Bouquets, is owned by Amy Fankausas who is an incredibly talented baker. She offers floral designed cupcakes in boxes and bouquets in a range of styles. I love the deep colors of the image above! Amazing right? There are no words to describe the level of talent from these bakers. Interested in learning this craft? Baker, Jane Taylor, offers a variety of resources for learning new skills and running a baking business. She also hosts the Buttercream Bloom Awards, an annual event for bakers who specialize in creating floral cupcakes.

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