Ramadan Dessert Ideas For Your Iftar Table

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Celebrate Ramadan with these inspiring desserts that everyone will love.

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Ramadan is a sacred month observed by Muslims worldwide. Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, is a time of spiritual reflection, self-discipline, and heightened devotion. It is during this holy month that Muslims fast from dawn until sunset, abstaining from food and drink as an act of worship and purification.

But when the sun sets and the call to prayer is heard, a joyous tradition unfolds – the breaking of the fast known as Iftar. This meal symbolizes unity, gratitude, and generosity within the community. After the meal, a sweet treat is common.

Below are some popular Ramadan desserts you can add to your menu.

Suji Ka Halwa

suji ka halwa on plate for dessert
Rachna Cooks

A few simple ingredients are all that is needed to make suji ka halwa, which is sometimes also called Sooji ka Halwa or Sheera. This recipe comes from Rachna Cooks and is often made for festivals, poojas, and of course just because. Semolina, ghee, cashews, sugar, raisins and more are key components of this dessert.

Instant Pot Kheer (Rice Pudding)

instant pot kheer in a bowl
Rachna Cooks

An Indian rice pudding recipe from Rachna Cooks that features ingredients like Basmati rice, cardamom, saffron, sugar, ghee, raisins and more. This common Indian dessert is a staple in most households.

Cake Rusk (Indian Biscotti)

cake rusks on a plate
Now Delish

A popular sweet treat from Now Delish, Cake Rusk is an easy to make biscuit that is perfect for tea-time. It is similar to what we commonly know as Biscotti both in texture and cooking method. The sweetness comes from vanilla, cardamom and sugar – but you can add other ingredients to change up the flavors.

Nankhatai Cookies

nankhatai cookies on a plate
Now Delish

Nankhatai cookies are an Indian treat that is similar to a shortbread cookie. With their golden color and center filled with a pistachio or nut are commonly served at celebrations like Diwali and Eid. This recipe from Now Delish is just a few simple steps but will deliver a lot of flavor and sweet delight.


namoura squares on a plate with pan in background
Plant Based Folk

This Middle Eastern cake features semolina and a sugar syrup and delivers a sweet yet floral taste. The recipe comes from Plant Based Folk and the dessert can also sometimes be called Harissa or Basbousa.

Atayef (Middle Eastern Pancakes)

plated atayef for ramadan
Little Sunny Kitchen

These Middle Eastern pancakes are often called Atayef or Qatayef and are cooked to deliciousness with optional fillings. They are commonly served during the month of Ramadan. Little Sunny Kitchen features a recipe that can be fried or baked and offers options for white cheese and nut fillings.

Lauki Halwa

lauka halwa served in a dish for ramadan
Flavour Street

This unique take on Halwa comes from Flavour Street. The recipe features bottle gourd (lauki) mixed with cardamom, nuts and sugar to create a delectable dessert that works for any celebration.

Date Roll

date roll loaf on a plate and sliced
Get Set Vegan

Eating dates during Ramadan has a spiritual significance, and this recipe from Get Set Vegan is a perfect date based addition to the celebration. Filled with Medjool dates, cashews, almonds, coconut and more – this dessert will be a great addition to the dessert table.


kadaif square on a plate with cream topping
Cooking Gorgeous

Typically served during the holy month of Ramadan, Kadaif (or Turkish Tel Kadayif) is a light dessert with lots of flavor. In this recipe from Cooking Gorgeous features filo pastry layered and shredded and filled with a walnut mixture. But what really gives it a flavor kick is the soaking of the dessert in a sweet syrup.

Rose and Pistachio Firni

rose and pistachio firni in serving glasses

Firni is a treat that is common at Iftar tables during Ramadan. Similar to Kheer, this is a rice pudding treat that uses ground rice instead of whole grain. The recipe from Chili to Choc features rose water and crushed pistachio which gives it a unique taste.

Meethi Seviyan

meethi seviyan in a bowl with spoon
J Cooking Odyssey

A common treat made for religious celebration, Meethi Seviyan is a type of pudding that can also be known as Meethi Sewai. This stunningly beautiful recipe from JCooking Odyssey, features a variety of spices combined with sweet vermicelli to deliver a power punch of tastes.

Mango Kesari Halwa

mango kesari plated
Veg Buffet

A traditional Indian treat from Veg Buffet. Semolina, also called Suji, serves as the base for this recipe. Combine that with ghee, mango, cardamom and saffron and you have a delicious dessert that will be perfect for that Ramadan celebration.

Whatever dessert you decide to make, we hope your Ramadan celebration is a good one.

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