Dinosaur Dessert Ideas Kids Will Roar About


Get the prehistoric guests excited with these unique and delicious dinosaur themed dessert ideas. From cupcakes to Jell-O, there are ideas to inspire!

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Step back in time and create the ultimate dinosaur dessert extravaganza for your next prehistoric themed event!

From Dino Fossil Cookies to Volcano Cupcakes erupting with flavor, this guide features ideas that will entertain and surprise both kids and adults. Gather your little paleontologists and have them help you create an unforgettable dinosaur-themed dessert table that will make your party roar with excitement!

1. Prehistoric Dirt Dig Pudding

dinosaur pudding cups for digging
Credit: The Rose Table

Chocolate pudding layered with crushed chocolate cookies with a prehistoric cookie just deep enough for little diggers to have to excavate. For an extra bit of fun, add a dinosaur gummi or two in the pudding as a bonus find while kids are enjoying the pudding.

View recipe at The Rose Table

2. Dinosaur Egg Rice Krispie Treats

rice krispie dinosaur egg treats
Credit: Two Sisters Crafting

Rice Krispie treats are a family favorite, but when they are shaped like dinosaur eggs they escalate to the perfect treat for that dinosaur lover’s birthday. Sneak a little treat inside like a dinosaur gummi or little dinosaur egg to really create an extra fun element of surprise.

View recipe at Two Sisters Crafting

3. Dinosaur Spike Cupcakes

spiked dinosaur cupcakes
Credit: The First Year Blog

These adorable colorful cupcakes feature a unique take with their festive spike that dinosaur lovers will enjoy. Don’t be nervous with these! The spikes are a piping of melted almond bark and are not overly complicated!

View recipe on The First Year Blog

4. Dinosaur Egg Cake

dinosaur coming out of egg cakke
Credit: Sugar Geek Show

This one may need a little more experience, but look at that result. This is a showstopper for sure. The cake, fondant and coloring is amazing and will take time and a steady hand. The head is the hardest part featuring rice cereal treats and modeling chocolate.

View instructions at Sugar Geek Recipes

5. Dino-Mite Fruit Kabobs

fruit skewers with dinosaur theme
Credit: HealtheCooks

Fruit kabobs featuring colorful fruits like strawberries, grapes, and melon, with dinosaur-shaped fruit topper cutout on skewers. Use a healthy yogurt dip or add a sweet chocolate pudding or chocolate dip that resembles dirt. This is the perfect healthy addition to any dino party.

View recipe at HealtheCooks

6. Jurassic Jell-O

jell-o dinosaurs
Credit: learn with Play at Home

Little Jello-O dinosaurs are a perfect small treat that will bring big smiles. These dinosaur molds are all that is needed to create a stunning display of dinosaur treats. Use different colored Jell-O and set them on a tray of brown Rice Krispies or crumbled chocolate cookie.

7. Dino-licious Ice Cream Sundaes

dinosaur ice cream sundae
Credit: Cutefetti

The stunning layers of shades of green ice cream and dinosaur themed toppings make this a must have for your dessert table. Dinosaur shaped sprinkles, mini coated candy eggs as dinosaur eggs, and rock candy as rocks round out themed accents. Let the kids make these themselves for a bit of themed event fun!

Get full recipe from Cutefetti

8. Dinosaur Cupcake Display

dinosaur designed cake from cupcakes
Credit: Lola’s Cupcakes

An adorable dinosaur made mostly from cupcakes. This idea is from a UK bakery where you can purchase it from them. But, they were also nice enough to include a video so you can see how they make it. Various cupcake sizes, green frosting and a steady hand will make this crowd pleaser that will taste as good as it looks.

View video on how to make this at Lola’s Cupcakes

9. Dino Fossil Cookies

dino fossil dig cookies
Credit: Hummingbird High

Adorable sugar cookies shaped like dinosaurs featuring bones. Set them in a “dirt” setting and let the kids use little brushes to “dig” the cookies out. These cookie cutters make the cookie making much easier with embossing to make the fill in of the bones a much easier process.

View how to make these on Hummingbird High

10. Prehistoric Volcano Cake

prehistoric dinosaur volcano cake
Credit: Cake Whiz

Dry ice makes this prehistoric volcano cake a standard from other dinosaur desserts. The ice allows steam to “erupt” from the volcano giving a true experience to a decadent dessert that kids (and adults) will totally go nuts over. Cake, icing, candy, dinosaur toys and rice krispie treats round out what you need to make this amazing dessert!

Get full recipe at CakeWhiz

11. Dino Egg Cake Balls

dinosaur egg cake balls
Credit: Totally the Bomb

Adorable little eggs made with cupcake mix and fondant that resemble real dinosaur eggs. Kids will love the simplicity and yumminess that these treats offer. Showcase them on a bed of crumbled chocolate cookies to give the feel they are in the dirt.

Get full recipe at Totally the Bomb

I hope this has inspired you! Let us know if you have other ideas, or if you have made any of these recipes. We would love to hear how they turned out.

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