Izzys Ice Cream Sorbet and Dairy-free ice cream: Menu & Prices

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Founded in July 2000 by Minnesota natives Lara Hammel and Jeff Sommers, Izzys Ice Cream is a Twin Cities tradition. Public transportation from Minnesota tourist …

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Founded in July 2000 by Minnesota natives Lara Hammel and Jeff Sommers, Izzys Ice Cream is a Twin Cities tradition. Public transportation from Minnesota tourist haven Mall of America can easily reach the two Izzy’s locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, making Izzys Ice Cream a popular choice for refreshment during the hot summer months, or an enjoyable anytime treat.

Izzy’s uses a classic base of fresh milk from Lamers Dairy in Appleton, Wisconsin, cage-free eggs, cane sugar, and natural plant stabilizers like carob bean gum, guar gum, and carrageenan, for a smooth and satisfying texture. Izzy’s also uses locally grown ingredients, like blueberries and maple syrup, paired with classic ingredients like high-quality chocolate and vanilla, to craft over a hundred unique flavors. Izzy’s also features an extensive offering of sorbet and dairy-free ice cream.

Izzys Ice Cream is focused on staying current and involved with its customers, so they hold an annual contest called People’s Flavor. They ask their customers to submit their ideas for new ice cream flavors and pick a winner to become part of the regular menu each year. They are best known for two signature items, their smallest and largest: The Izzy Scoop, which is a small 3/4th-ounce scoop that allows customers to try many flavors of ice cream in one sitting, and their Hot Dish sundae featuring 32 Izzy Scoops on a cookies-and-cream crust, inspired by the classic Minnesota casserole. From humble beginnings, Izzys Ice Cream has risen to become one of Minnesota’s most innovative ice cream parlors and a national destination for those who love frozen desserts.

Available Frozen Options

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Izzys Ice Cream offers their frozen treats in an extensive list of options. Their scoopable ice cream can be served in four sizes – Izzy (3/4th ounce), Kiddie (2 ounces), Single (4 ounces plus an Izzy Scoop on top), and Double (8 ounces with an Izzy Scoop on top). Choose from a cup, cake cone, or waffle cone. Gluten-free cake and waffle cones are available on request. Chocolate-dipped waffle cones are available for a slight additional charge.

Want something a little more indulgent? Have your ice cream on top of a malted waffle or a chocolate-dipped malted waffle. Toppings offered are varied nuts, including almonds, pecans, peanuts, walnuts; candies including Butterfinger, chocolate chips, M&M’s, Oreo crumbles, Reese’s Pieces, Heath Bar, and sprinkles; house-made hot fudge, caramel, and raspberry sauces; and house-made whipped cream.

Izzy’s also offers Izzy Pops, which are Izzy Scoops on a stick that are dipped into chocolate. Other treats include four varieties of ice cream sandwiches; sundaes topped with house-made hot fudge, caramel, or raspberry sauces, plus dry toppings, whipped cream, and a cherry; cookie sundaes with the whole sundae placed on top of a warm chocolate chip cookie; malts, and shakes.

Can’t decide? Izzy’s offers two options for those who want to sample as many flavors as possible. The Dizzy Izzy is five Izzy Scoops placed inside a house-made malted waffle cone. For groups and the biggest appetites, there’s a signature Hot Dish. This massive ice cream feast features 32 Izzy scoops, seven toppings, three sauces, an Oreo Cookie layer, waffle cone pieces, unlimited whipped cream, an espresso cup, six bottles of spring water for the table, and a custom hot dish that’s yours to keep.

Looking to take some ice cream home? Pints of the most popular flavors are available for purchase at the store. With two days’ advance order, Izzy’s can make a custom ice cream cake or pie for a party out of the flavors of your choice. Popular combinations for cakes and pies are ready for purchase at any time.

Izzys Ice Cream Flavors

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Izzy’s has over a hundred house-made flavors in their regular rotation. These include standard flavors, the People’s Flavor winners, sorbets, dairy-free ice creams, and gluten-free ice creams. The Minnesota and St. Paul locations will often have different flavors on offer, so if you’re looking for a specific flavor, it is recommended you check their website daily.

GF Denotes gluten-free flavors

People’s Flavor Winners

Cabernet De L’Orange2015 winner

A mix of blackberries, blood orange, and honey with hints of sea salt and citric acid.

Chubby Bunny – 2004 winner

Cinnamon and nutmeg base mixed with chunks of rich carrot cake with raisins, and a cream cheese frosting with walnuts.

Hot Brown Sugar – 2006 winner – GF

Burnt caramel and singed brown sugar combined with Izzy’s traditional ice cream mix, given a spicy kick with praline pecans cooked in cayenne pepper.

Hound Dog – 2013 winner

Jack Daniels whiskey in a vanilla base with cinnamon Scooby Snacks, praline pecans, fudge, and caramel swirls.

Irish Moxie – 2003 winner

Coffee flavored ice cream with Jameson Irish Whiskey mixed with Oreo Cookie chunks and Heath Bar candy pieces.

Lemon Sponge Cake – 2005 winner

Lemon custard base with raspberry swirl and chunks of sponge cake.

Mango Django – 2011 winner – GF

Mango ice cream base infused with honey and a touch of vinegar and cayenne pepper, topped with poppy seeds and ground pink peppercorn.

Mexican Chocolate Fiesta – 2001 winner

Chocolate base infused with a dash of cinnamon and a touch of orange extract.

Midnight Snack – 2009 winner

Graham cracker ice cream infused with peanut butter and sweet chocolate chunks.

Pomegranate Pizzazz! – 2007 winner – GF

The first non-dairy people’s flavor, this sorbet combines sweet cherries and tart pomegranates.

Raspberry Little Italy – 2017 winner

This mascarpone ice cream combines chocolate chunks with a raspberry swirl.

2 glasses of fruit ice cream

Non-Dairy and Sorbet Flavors

Sorbet Flavors

Apple Sorbet (GF)Blackberry Sorbet (GF)Blueberry Sorbet (GF)Cantaloupe Sorbet (GF)Chocolate Sorbet (GF)Coconut Sorbet (GF)Cranberry Sorbet (GF)Grape Sorbet (GF)Grapefruit Sorbet (GF)Guava Sorbet (GF)

Lemon Lime Sorbet (GF)Lemon Lingonberry Sorbet (GF)Lemon Sorbet (GF)Lime Sorbet (GF)Mango Sorbet (GF)Orange Sorbet (GF)Passionfruit Sorbet (GF)Pineapple Sorbet (GF)Raspberry Sorbet (GF)Strawberry Sorbet (GF)

Non-Dairy Flavors

Non-Dairy Blueberry Ice Cream (GF)Non-Dairy Chocolate Ice CreamNon-Dairy Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream (GF)Non-Dairy Four Berry Ice Cream (GF)Non-Dairy Mango Ice Cream (GF)Non-Dairy Peanut Butter Ice Cream (GF)Non-Dairy Raspberry Ice Cream (GF)Non-Dairy Raspberry Chip Ice CreamNon-Dairy Strawberry Ice Cream (GF)

Standard Flavors

Almond BiscottiBanana (GF)Banana Macadamia Nut (GF)Banana Nut Fudge (GF)Banana RumBananas FosterBasil (GF)Beets and BettiesBirchwood Blend (GF)Birchwood Key Lime PieBlack LicoriceBlack Walnut (GF)Blackberry Creme Fraiche (GF)Blue Mountain Spice (GF)Blueberry (GF0Blueberry CheesecakeBlueberry Yogurt (GF)Brown ButterBrown Sugar BourbonBubble Gum (GF)Burnt Caramel (GF)Butter PecanButter Queen CoffeeButterfingerButtermilk (GF)Cake BatterCandy Cane (GF)Cantaloupe (GF)Cereal MilkCherries Jubilee (GF)Cherry Nut (GF)Cherry Port Chocolate (GF)Chocolate Agate CrunchChocolate Almond (GF)Chocolate Banana (GF)Chocolate BrownieChocolate CheesecakeChocolate Chip (GF)Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughChocolate Creme FraicheChocolate Dulce De LecheChocolate Hazelnut (GF)Chocolate Marshmallow (GF)Chocolate Mint

Chocolate OreoChocolate Peanut Butter (GF)Chocolate Raspberry (GF)Church Elderberry (GF)Cinnamon (GF)Coconut (GF)Coffee BreakCookies N’ CreamCotton Candy (GF)Cranberry (GF)Cream Cheese (GF)Creamy CoconutCreme Coffee CrunchCreme de Menthe (GF)Creme Fraiche (GF)Dark Chocolate Zin (GF)Dessa’s Existential CrunchDinosaur EggDulce de LecheEgg NogFig TartFour BerryFrench Vanilla (GF)Ginger (GF)Graham CrackerGreen Apple (GF)Green Tea (GF)Green Tea OreoGuava (GF)GuinnessHeath BarHoney (GF)HuckleberryItalian Strawberry (GF)Jello SaladLatteLemon Buttermilk (GF)Lemon CustardMango (GF)Maple Nut (GF)Marshmallow (GF)Milk Chocolate (GF)Milky WayMini Peanut Butter Cup

Mint Chocolate Chip (GF)Mocha Almond Fudge (GF)Norwegian ChaiNougat NutNut Crazy (GF)Nut GoodieOrange Sherbet (GF)Peace Coffee (GF)Peach (GF)Peanut (GF)Peanut Butter (GF)Peppermint Bon Bon (GF)Peppermint OreoPineapple (GF)Pistachio (GF)Praline PecanPumpkinRaspberry (GF)Raspberry CheesecakeRaspberry Chocolate Chip (GF)Red, Black, and BlueRicotta (GF)Roasted Banana (GF)Rocky RoadRuby RaspberryRum RaisinSalted Caramel (GF)Snap, Crackle, ChocolateSnickersStrawberry (GF)Strawberry Banana (GF)Strawberry CheesecakeStrawberry Creme Fraiche (GF)Summit Oatmeal StoutSwedish Garden PartyTaza and Blue OxTiramisuUmeshu (GF)Valrhona Chocolate GF)Vanilla (GF)Vanilla BeanYetiYogurt (GF)

sorbet in a cup with green plastic spoon

Menu Pricing

Izzys Ice Cream has options for all budgets. Their signature Izzy Scoops are under $2, with a regular single scoop going for under $4 and a double for $6. Ice Cream Sandwiches are $6, and Izzy Pops are under $3. Sundaes and Cookie Sandwiches are in the $8 range, and the Dizzy Izzy is $6.

Their signature item, the Hot Dish, is $32 and can easily feed four or more. Izzys Ice Cream offers pints of their ice cream to take home for $9, and ice cream cakes and pies are in the $20 range.


Izzys Ice Cream is a Twin Cities institution for a reason. With over 100 flavors in regular rotation, close to half of them gluten-free, and over twenty dairy-free options on offer, their variety is unmatched in the region. Combining traditional flavors with exotic ingredients like Japanese Plum and guava, there’s something for every taste at Izzy’s. Their assortment of traditional and unique frozen desserts only adds to the fun. All of this makes Izzys Ice Cream must-stop for anyone who is passing through the Twin Cities.

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