Lappert’s Ice Cream: Flavors, Prices, and More

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There’s nothing quite as indulgent and comforting as ice cream on a hot summer day. On a cold, wintry afternoon, biting into creamy ice cream …

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There’s nothing quite as indulgent and comforting as ice cream on a hot summer day. On a cold, wintry afternoon, biting into creamy ice cream gives a thrill like none other! Irrespective of what season it is, an ice cream treat is always welcome. For ice cream fans, trying out different brands and flavors never gets boring. Lappert’s is a specialty, American, ice cream brand, founded by Walter Lappert in 1983. The company produces exquisite flavors of ice cream and is headquartered in Richmond California in the continental United States. Read more to know about the unique sweet offerings that Lappert’s ice cream brings to its customers, its store locations, interesting facts about the company, and much more!

What Is Lappert’s Ice Cream?

Brief History

Started by Walter Lappert in 1983, Lappert’s ice cream shop began selling its first ice cream in Sausalito California, where Walter owned a small ice cream store. However, Walter’s dream was to make and sell ice cream in Kauai; his favorite destination in the world. Lappert’s ice cream soon moved operations and manufacturing to Hawaii, where it has a large presence. Walter Lappert made buttery, high-fat ice cream using gourmet ingredients including Belgian chocolate, vanilla beans imported from Madagascar, macadamia nuts, and tropical fruits from Hawaii like guava, pineapple, and coconut. Lappert’s ice cream in the continental United States and Hawaii preserve the rich heritage of the world-class ice cream first crafted by Walter Lappert.

Lappert’s Ice Cream Today

After Walter Lappert died, the company split its operations and ownership into separate entities. You’ll find Lappert’s ice cream in Hawaii and the continental United States; however, they’re both different companies and feature significantly different flavor offerings.

Lappert’s ice cream in the continental US is owned and operated by Walter Lappert’s son, Michael Lappert, who shares the same passion for creating great tasting ice cream as his late father. Lappert’s ice cream is now known for its great flavors and awesome creamy texture that’s hard to find in a conventional store brand ice cream.

Is Lappert’s Ice Cream in Hawaii the Same as the One in Continental US?

If you’ve tasted Lappert’s ice cream on your Hawaii vacation, you’d be interested in knowing if it’s the same company serving here on the mainland. The answer is: No. The company operated in the United States is owned and operated independently of its name-sake in Hawaii and has flavors that are uniquely distinct from the ones you tasted in Hawaii. Both companies of this iconic ice cream brand make awesome flavors, and you can enjoy them both, here in the mainland and also when you’re visiting your favorite island in Hawaii.

Lappert’s Ice Cream Store Locations

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Lappert’s ice cream has stores and partner locations across California; they also have a couple of outlets selling their brand in Las Vegas, Nevada and Scottsdale, Arizona. For Lappert’s ice cream in Southern California, visit their store locations in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and San Diego. You can also find Leppart’s ice cream at Santa Monica Pier and Los Angeles. Ice cream fans in Northern California can taste this premium ice cream at Larkspur, Los Gatos, Sausalito, and Carson.

You can also order Leppart’s ice cream online and have it delivered at your doorstep. Leppart’s will handpick six pints from a select menu with flavors that include rich creamy ice cream swirled with thick gooey fudge, interspersed with crunchy nuts, large chocolate chunks, and other confectionaries. You can relish luscious Leppart’s ice cream in the comfort of your home; these treats taste as delicious and fresh as the ones served at Leppart’s ice cream stores.

Top Ice Cream Flavors

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Leppart’s prides itself in delightful ice cream treats that will leave you craving more! The company looks to incorporate fresh tropical fruits into its ice cream, creating exotic flavors that transport you to a tropical paradise.

Classic Ice Cream Flavors

Leppart’s makes classic ice cream flavors that America loves, including Cookies and Cream, Vanilla Bean, Praline Pecan, Macadamia Nut, and more! The Cookies and Cream features delicately flavored sweet and velvety ice cream generously sprinkled with Oreo bits. This classic American ice cream will bring back childhood memories and is loved by kids and adults alike. Leppart’s Vanilla Bean ice cream is made using organic vanilla, bringing to you the best essence of this much-loved ice cream. Fresh pecans, sourced from the Southwest, are toasted and candied and blended in with luxurious caramel-flavored ice cream to create Leppart’s Praline Pecan ice cream. If you love the crunch of big nuts in your ice cream, try the Macadamia Nut from Leppart’s. This ice cream features high-quality Macadamia nuts imported from Australia and smooth ice cream flavored with organic Macadamia nut essence. For the pure milky essence of unadulterated ice cream, try Underly Pure from Leppart’s ice cream. This flavor is made using pure organic milk with no artificial flavors.

Signature Ice Cream

Leppart’s creates exclusive ice cream flavors that are unique to the company. Rum Raisin is an intense ice cream flavor that features raisins soaked in dark rum in a subtly rum flavored ice cream. Hana Road ice cream from Leppart’s is their signature version of the famous Rocky Road flavor. Featuring marshmallows, walnuts, macadamia nuts, and chocolate-coated almonds. Hana Road is a truly delicious mix of contrasting textures and brilliant flavors. Caramel and ice cream is a match made in heaven! Try the Hawaiian Sea Salt Caramel ice cream to taste this divine combination. Leppart’s uses Hawaiian pink salt to make their gooey caramel fudge and then mixes it up with their sweet and creamy ice cream to create a caramel ice cream that’s one of the best out there.

Try the Banana Cream Pie ice cream to get a taste of smooth and buttery banana interspersed with real pie crust bits. For a colorful ice cream treat, fit for a kids’ party, try Cookie Monster from Leppart’s ice cream. A pretty blue ice cream sprinkled with cookie dough and Oreo bits, this flavor is sure to captivate kids and adults alike!

Leppart’s is known for their innovative use of tropical fruits to craft deliciously refreshing ice creams. Nuka Hiva is a tropical delight including a smooth coconut-pineapple ice cream with brownie bits and a rich raspberry swirl. Grab this tropical delight to freshen your palate after a heavy meal. Ube Macapuno gives you a flavor of Southeast Asia with an exotic purple root from the Philippines mixed with smooth coconut puree. A light and energizing ice cream, try the Manila Mango to tickle your taste buds with the exotic flavors of this delicious tropical fruit. The Rainbow Sorbet is a dairy-free dessert which includes rich tropical flavors of raspberry, passion fruit, and coconut.

A specialty flavor in Leppart’s product line, which is a must-try, is the Data Casablanca. This lavish flavor features chewy pieces of mejdool dates ribboned with sticky caramel fudge. Kona Coffee is a rich filtered coffee ice cream and is an award-winning flavor at Leppart’s. Also, try the Kuai Pie, which includes Kona Coffee Ice Cream, Hawaiian macadamia nuts, shredded and lightly toasted coconut, and rich dark chocolate fudge all rolled into one exquisite dessert! For chocolate and coffee lovers, Leppart’s Kona Mocha chip combines its rich coffee ice cream with bittersweet chocolate chips.

Lappert’s Coffee

In addition to ice cream, Leppart’s also specializes in premium coffee blends. You can order your favorite blends online, and you can enjoy this favorite American beverage in the comfort of your home or office. The Island Blend Coffee from Leppart’s is a medium blend of roasted coffee beans from Kona, Costa Rica, and Guatemala Beans. This blend has a rich, yet refined, flavor of coffee and will instantly energize you. Leppart’s most popular coffee flavor is the Kuai Pie Coffee that’s crafted to go with Kuai Pie ice cream. This dark roasted coffee blend has subtle, yet wonderful, flavors accentuated with sweet notes of chocolate, macadamia, and coconut. The Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee is a medium roast coffee blend flavored with premium vanilla from Madagascar and Tahiti. Taste this delightful coffee flavor to fuel your energy and freshen your senses.


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Leppart’s ice cream is a family-owned and operated ice cream business that loves to experiment with unique flavor combinations, giving its customers premium-quality buttery ice cream. Made with the finest ingredients and high-quality milk and cream, Leppart’s ice-cream features a luscious creamy texture that will satiate your cravings for great ice cream. Created by passionate ice cream chefs, this brand focuses on giving its customers a taste of classy flavors and some never-before combinations that make Leppart’s ice cream oh-so-special!

Whether you want to sample iconic American ice cream flavors or experiment with exotic flavored ice cream, Leppart’s has you covered. If you’re in California, visit a Leppart’s ice cream store to sample their unique offerings. For those not in the Western United States, order your favorite flavors online at the Leppart’s official website and enjoy these delicious treats as you lounge around in your living room!

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