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Cakes are an integral part of any special occasion, helping you celebrate good times. Cakes are popular with kids and adults alike, and people love …

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Cakes are an integral part of any special occasion, helping you celebrate good times. Cakes are popular with kids and adults alike, and people love the ability for customization that a cake provides. In the United States, you can purchase or order cakes from the bakery departments of many major grocery outlets.. If you live in Mid-western United States, consider Meijer cakes for your next special occasion. Meijer cakes can be purchased from your local Meijer outlet, or you can get in touch with their bakery department to order custom Meijer cakes.

The bakery department at Meijer also specializes in creating numerous other delicious bakery items, such as house-made cookies, cinnamon rolls, muffins, coffee cakes, and specialty bread. Your nearest Meijer bakery is your one-stop shop for all your bakery needs. You can also order party trays featuring fresh cookies, hand-crafted chocolates, and donuts, among other items. Meijer bakery also specializes in creating party trays with savory items such as artisan cheese, cold meats, salad rolls, and more.

What Is Meijer Cakes?

Meijer is a regional supercenter chain operating primarily in mid-western United States, housing major departments such as produce, deli, home, electronics, pet care, bakery, etc. Meijer outlets feature an in-house bakery where products such as bread, desserts, donuts, specialty chocolates, and more are crafted from scratch daily. Meijer cakes are made in the bakery fresh with the finest quality ingredients. Meijer bakery also sells cakes, ice-cream cakes, and cheesecakes from other reputed brands, giving you a wide selection to choose from.

Meijer Cupcakes and Brownies

meijer cakes

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If you or your kids love cupcakes, Meijer has delicious cupcake choices, made fresh in-house. Meijer bakery includes regular cupcake classics such as chocolate chip, vanilla, and lemon, sold with or without frosting. Meijer also offers seasonal cupcakes such as pumpkin-spiced cupcakes with a cinnamon-flavored frosting or Halloween themed cupcakes. Meijer cupcakes are perfectly sized for little children to hold and eat, and are great for school or day-care parties.

Meijer bakery also offers gooey chocolate brownies that are perfect for an evening snack. Meijer has classic fudge brownie and also innovative variations such as fudge brownies topped with crunchy nuts and a caramel drizzle. The Cookies and Crème brownie is a signature offering, and is a treat to the palate.

Classic Cakes

cake strawberry delicious cream

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If you want buy a simple cake, which you’d like to decorate at home, Meijer has a wide variety of choices. The Angel Food Ring Cake is a Meijer specialty, which is a moist and fluffy cake with a delicate flavor. You can use this simple cake to add your own frosting and create a signature cake, or serve it as a snack with your favorite dipping sauces such as chocolate or caramel.

Meijer cakes also offer pound cake, which can be as used a base for you to create a cake with your signature frosting. The pound cake at Meijer bakery is perfect to go with your cup of coffee; ideal as a quick snack. The yellow butter cake at Meijer is a tasty delight, with a delicate flavor and soft texture. This simple cake is frosted with buttercream frosting to create a yummy dessert. You can customize the decoration on this cake to fit the occasion.

You can call your local Meijer bakery and design your own cake, such as a delicately flavored chocolate cake frosted with vanilla butter cream frosting. Meijer also offers half or one-fourth sheet cakes that can be frosted and customized as per your requirement.

Meijer also offers classic cake flavors such as the red velvet cake, cream cheese cake, lemon cake, and more. Classic cake flavors at Meijer are available in slices, rolls, or bars. This makes it easy for to serve these delicious cakes as individual portion sizes, and they also make for convenient carry-along snacks.

Chocolate Cakes

cake classic cola tart

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If you’re looking for rich, chocolate cakes, you can find them all at Meijer cakes. The Chocolate Topped Ring cake is a Meijer specialty, which includes rich chocolate frosting on a deliciously moist and rich chocolate ring cake. This chocolaty cake is topped with chocolate squares and large chocolate chips, ideal for chocolate lovers.

The German Chocolate cake at Meijer’s is a dessert lover’s delight with a rich chocolate, layered with gooey caramel, coconut, and pecans, and frosted with chocolate butter cream. If you’re craving extra chocolate, Meijer offers the Double Chocolate Cake, which is a moist chocolate cake layer, filled and frosted with chocolate butter cream. The cake is coated with crunchy bits of chocolate and decorated with a real Hershey’s Kiss!

Meijer specializes in making dessert-style cakes that look elegant and taste delicious. The Classic Double Chocolate cake at Meijer makes your occasion extra special with its stylish look and a rich chocolaty flavor. This moist chocolate cake is frosted with chocolate butter cream and topped with an elegant pattern of chocolate drizzle.

Custom Cakes

wedding cake miami wedding

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Meijer also offers custom-made cakes for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. For kids’ birthdays, Meijer cakes can be made with popular themes such as animals, princesses, cars, superheroes, sports, and more.

If you’re hosting a girl’s birthday party, Meijer has numerous feminine themed cakes including the very popular unicorn themed birthday cake. This elegant birthday cake looks and tastes delicious, with all edible decorations, including the ice cream horn of the unicorn! The multi-layer decorated dolls are popular with little girls. The doll dresses are made of your favorite cake flavor and can be customized to colors of your choice.

Meijer cakes can also be ordered for graduation ceremonies, with special graduation themed cake designs. You can also order baby shower and anniversary cakes at Meijer bakery to make these special occasions in your life truly memorable. You can create a custom Meijer cake for any occasion by selecting your favorite cake flavor, cake filling, and frosting of your choice.

Where and How to Buy Meijer Cakes

Where to Buy Meijer Cakes

In-store Bakery Section

Curb-side Pick-up

Home Delivery

You can purchase Meijer cakes in-store by visiting the bakery section. Meijer also offers curb-side pick-up and home delivery at select outlets. Check the Meijer website to know more about how to order Meijer cakes for home delivery or curb-side pick-up. Only some cakes at Meijer outlets qualify for online order and curb-side pick-up or home delivery.

If you’re ordering a custom Meijer cake for a special occasion, it is best you visit your nearest Meijer outlet. The bakery specialist will be able to help you decide on the cake design, flavor, and frosting which best suit your needs.

How to Buy Meijer Cakes

Meijer cakes are available in the bakery section of all local outlets. You can also order Meijer cakes online or by downloading the Meijer app. Many Meijer outlets offer curbside pick-up or home delivery of cakes and other bakery produce. Check the Meijer website to know which cakes you can purchase online for curbside pickup or home delivery.

Meijer Cakes Prices

Classic and Seasonal Cake Prices

lighted candles on white icing

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Angel Food Ring Cake

14 oz – $4.00

sliced white and pink icing covered cake

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Frosted Carrot Cake

34 oz – $8.00


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Meijer Pumpkin Ring Cake

16 oz – $4.00

The prices of cakes at Meijer can vary widely depending on the size, frosting, ingredients used, and other factors. A simple cake such as the Angel Food Ring Cake is priced at around $4 for a 14oz cake. Seasonal cakes such as the Frosted Carrot Cake cost around $8 for a 34 oz cake. The Meijer Pumpkin topped Ring cake, which is also a seasonal specialty costs about $4 for a 16oz cake.

Specialty Cake Prices

baking blur cake cherry

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8” Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Whipped Frosting


baked pastry

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10” Meijer Round Cake Topped with Rich Chocolate Fudge


blueberries  cake chocoate

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Boston Cream Cake

30 oz


Specialty cakes at Meijer such as an 8” chocolate cake with vanilla whipped frosting is priced at $7. The indulgent 10” Meijer Round Cake topped with rich Chocolate Fudge costs $20. The Boston Cream Cake costs $8 for a 30 oz cake. To check out prices of more specialty cakes, visit the Meijer official website.

If you’re ordering custom cake at Meijer’s for a special occasion, the bakery specialist will be able to give an exact price quote depending on the type of custom cake you’re ordering.


Cakes make any occasion sweet and memorable, and a great tasting cake is the highlight of any party. Kids’ birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, and other special occasions are never complete without a beautiful-looking cake that tastes delicious. Though there are many new variations to cake designs and flavors, and classics such as a pound cake, chocolate cake, or a yellow butter cream are always a favorite.

There are many ways to purchase a cake for your special occasion, but you may need to shop around to find a bakery or a cake expert that can offer you the best tasting cake in the design you require.

Meijer cakes are crafted in-house in the bakery, by expert bakers and cake artists. Purchasing Meijer cakes is a great way to add a note of sweetness to your life. Meijer cakes taste great and come in amazing flavors and designs, making them a hit with everyone at your party. The next time you’re planning a special event, get in touch with your local Meijer bakery to create a delicious tasting and gorgeous looking custom cake.

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