Nadia Cake Prices And Designs

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Nadia Cakes is a popular destination for cakes and desserts in Minnesota. Find out more about what they offer.

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Nadia Cakes, a well-known cupcake shop in Minnesota, has received numerous medals and acclaim for its sweet delights. As a result, the bakery was founded by a self-taught home baker and mother of two children (the bakery is named after one of her daughters). She started by making cakes for friends and family. Furthermore, the excellent comments encouraged her to launch her cake shop in 2009. So successful was the shop that the founder’s husband was able to quit his job and join the baking empire. 

Nadia Cakes Prices

Nadia’s daily regular flavors cost between $3.50 and $4. Then, the cost of a custom cake depends on each purchase. Therefore, some cakes require more effort and time to prepare than others. It may then result in a price increase. 

Cake TypePrice
Regular and Specialty Cupcakes$3.50 to $4 each
Custom Cakesup to $500 it depends on each individual order

Nadia Cake Designs

Nadia’s offers more than just cupcakes. Additionally, they create customized cake and cupcake orders for any occasion, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and special celebrations.
The bakery may carry out your special order, which ranges from creative, enjoyable, and unique layer cakes and display cakes to cake stand tiers filled to the brim with the cupcake varieties of your choice. Usually, you get to choose the cake’s flavors and colors. Send Nadia a request for a quote together with any inspirational images and the kind of cake you’d like. A decorator will get in touch with you to arrange a meeting. By appointment, you can do cake tastings at any of their locations.

Nadia Birthday Cake

A joyous “Happy Birthday” message can be seen on many Nadia cake designs, making them perfect for birthday celebrations. Character figure cakes are a great choice for any child’s birthday bash, as Batman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Frozen, and Disney Princesses are a few of these. You can therefore utilize Nadia’s cakes to celebrate adults’ birthdays for a larger cake where you need to feed many visitors. Consider ordering one of Nadia’s custom cakes in various sizes. Thus, these are available in the traditional flavors of chocolate and vanilla, with festive sprinkles adorning the top. You won’t regret trying one of their cakes, so try one!

Wedding Cake

The bakery has a lot of experience baking wedding cakes because they are one of their most popular product lines. Customers frequently choose a white cake with all-white decorations or a white cake with flowers in the wedding’s color scheme. The bakery offers many alternatives if you don’t want something floral. They can create cakes that appear with fruit toppings cakes in the shape of forest logs. Also, cakes appear to be accurate representations of the bride and groom. It will be worthwhile to order your wedding cake from Nadia’s.  They will surely satisfy your expectations on the day you have been waiting!

Nadia Baby Shower Cake

If you order one of Nadia’s Cakes’ themed cakes, they have a ton of cake toppers with adorable baby themes. So, you can order a cake with baby shoes, toy blocks, storks, carriages, or diaper pins as the top decoration. These cake toppers look cheerful when set on top of any round or sheet cake with pastel color embellishments. Most customers select pink or blue icing designs when ordering a baby shower cake from Nadia’s. On a baby shower cake, there are a ton of additional colors that can look fantastic. Therefore, Nadia Cakes may even frost cupcakes in the colors required for your baby shower if you place your order well enough in advance. It is a distinctive design that I’m sure everyone will adore.

Nadia Cakes is the place to go for wonderfully enticing sweet treats. There is something for everyone, from the delicious baked items to the imaginative and awe-inspiring custom cakes. So there’s too much excellent to overlook. You can also read Molten Lava Cake and Wendy’s Frosty Recipe.

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