Impress Your Guests With These 18 Pavlova Recipe Ideas


Looking to create a pavlova dessert but are stuck on ideas? We have a variety of pavlova recipe ideas to get you unstuck!

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Pavlova is a delicious meringue inspired dessert. While the base of a pavlova recipe is essentially the same, there are so many ways to make it your own.

From classic fruit-topped pavlovas to more creative flavor combinations, you’ll discover the art of creating the perfect meringue base and topping it with luscious cream and fresh fruits.

Before we kick off the recipes, let clarify what pavlova is.

What is the difference between meringue and pavlova?
Pavlova is a type of meringue. Pavlova, like meringue, requires whisked egg whites and sugar. The addition of cornstarch or vinegar (or both) to pavlova gives the center a really soft texture while allowing the outside to have a bit of a crunch. White vinegar is often used to help it keep its shape.

Now, get ready for some pavlova recipe ideas from some of the best bakers we could find.

1. Mango Pavlova

mango pavlova on a plate
Credit: Fit and Full

A beautifully light dessert that is as visually stunning as it is flavorful. A traditional Pavlova with a sweet blend of juicy ripe mangoes.

View recipe on Fit and Full

2. Easter Fruit Pavlova

fruit topped pavlova sliced on a plate
Credit: Amira’s Pantry

The egg shape and various colors of fruit make this a perfect Easter – or anytime dessert. This lightweight sweet treat with a fruity top will be a fan favorite!

View recipe on Amira’s Pantry

3. Blackberry Curd Pavlova

blackberry curd pavlova dessert slived
Credit: The Spelt Kitchen

A traditional Pavlova dessert that is filled with blackberry goodness. The curd is made from fresh blackberries giving this light dessert a really fresh delicious flavor. The blackberries and floral accents making it a stunning dessert that will be a standout on the dessert table.

View recipe on The Spelt Kitchen

4. Mini Pavlova Nests

mini pavlova nests gluten free on a wooden board
Credit: Dish by Dish

These adorable Pavlova nests are gluten free and single-serve sized making them perfect for any dessert table. The crispy outside holds a creamy interior and the top “nests” a lemon curd and sweet cream.

View recipe on Dish by Dish

5. Pavlova with Berries

pavlova dessert on a cake stand with berries on top
Credit: Baked by an Introvert

A soft delectable interior surrounded by a bit of a cunchy exterior. This is a basic Pavlov recipe that you can customize to make it your way. Berries on the top are just one way to add more flavor. Use whatever fruit is in season to keep the flavors bursting. Omit the whipped cream and you will have a recipe that is perfect for those with gluten and dairy sensitivities.

View recipe on Baked by an Introvert

6. Fig and Plum Pavlov

fig pavlova on a wooden tray
Credit: Cooking with Wine

Not just delicious, but incredibly beautiful. This pavlova recipe features your traditional base but the topping is what really shines. It is a whipped cream base with Early Grey tea and a spiced plum red wine sauces. Add a few sliced figs and you have a stunning dessert to impress.

View recipe on Cooking with Wine

7. Classic Strawberry Pavlova

straberry topped pavlova
Credit: Anna Banana

Top that beautiful sweet meringue with a beautiful array of strawberries and mint leaves. Even a fresh strawberry puree can be an amazing addition.

View recipe on Anna Banana

8. Mini Pavlova Nests with Blueberries & Cream

The pavlova nests are mini versions of the traditional pavlova. The soft and gooey inside and crunchy outside are topped with whipped cream and blueberry jam sauce. Add chopped almonds for an extra bit of crunch.

View recipe on Baking Ginger

9. Clementine Curd Pavlova

clementine curd pavlova on a table
Credit: Baking Ginger

A flavor burst unlike any other on this list. The traditional pavlova is covered with a bold citrus curd. Clementines are the star of the show in a creamy curd that you drizzle over the top. Add a few fresh clementine slices to create a beautiful dessert.

View recipe on Baking Ginger

10. Chestnut Pavlova Mont Blanc Meringues

chestnut pavlova being cut
Credit: Your Guardian Chef

A play on the popular French Mont Blanc dessert. Chestnut spread and a Marron Glace topping give this pavlova recipe a great Christmas time feel and flavor.

View recipe on Your Guardian Chef

11. Christmas Pavlova

christmas wreath pavlova
Credit: Anne’s Entitled Life

This beautiful wreath shaped pavlova is filled with colors that scream Christmas. The top features a sweet vanilla whipped cream and a variety of sliced fruit in the colors of the season.

View recipe on Ann’s Entitled Life

12. Rhubarb Pistachio Pavlova

rhubarb pistachio pavlova on a serving plate
Credit: Rosanne Etc.

An eye and palette pleasing dessert that will make you the star. This four-layered pavlova features pistachio and rhubarb to deliver a unique flavor.

View recipe on Rosanna Etc.

13. Chocolate Pavlova

chocolate pavlova with chocolate kisses on top
Credit: Sugar Rush

A beautiful mix of cream with chocolate cream throughout give this pavlova a bit of a unique look. Top the pavlova with sweet chocolate kisses to get a decadent dessert chocolate lovers will enjoy.

View recipe on Sugar Pursuit

14. Vegan Eton Mess (with Pavlova)

vegan eton mess with pavlova meringue
Credit: Baked by Clo

A unique option that features pavlova pieces. Eton Mess is an English dessert that is a pudding mixed with whipped cream, fruit and pavlova. This recipe features an eggless pavlova, strawberry jam and fresh fruit.

View recipe on Baked by Clo

15. Sugar Free Keto Pavlova

sugar free and keto friendly pavlova
Credit: Mad Creations

The ingredients for this pavlova are a bit different to make it Keto and sugar-free friendly. But this recipe is well-tasted and the flavors can rival any traditional pavlova recipe.

View recipe on Mad Creations

16. Pavlova Grazing Board

grazing board of pavlova with fruit
Credit: Cooking with Nana Ling

Definitely one for the next event! This creative pavlova board features mini pavlovas with a variety of toppings to allow each guest create their own. Make the pavlova a day before and get the toppings ready the day of and watch your guests enjoy their custom creations.

View idea on Cooking with Nana Ling

17. Neapolitan Pavlova

neapolitan pavlova sliced on a plate
Credit: Cooking with Nana Ling

Not only delicious but incredibly beautiful. Layers of pink, cream, and brown – just like a traditional Neapolitan – make this a unique pavlova dessert. The flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry elevate this dessert to a whole new level.

View recipe on Cooking with Nana Ling

18. Biscoff Peach Pavlova

biscoff peach pavlova on a serving plate
Credit: Mom Foodie

Biscoff spread is the center of attention on this unique pavlov dessert. Use the spread, crumbled Biscoff cookies and fresh peach to create a simply delicious pavlov!

View recipe on Mom Foodie

All of these recipes are just to inspire you! Whether you use these recipes as they are – or create a variation, this will be a dessert most will love. Be sure to check out the history of pavlova too if you want to see how this delicate treat got its name.

Let us know if you try any of these – or if you have your own recipe, let us know and maybe we can add it to the list!

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