PEEPS® Gone Wild In These Amazing Art & Diorama Contests

Jill Caren

Did you know PEEPS® art contests were a thing? Now you do! Check out these adorable artistic creations from contests held around the country.

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PEEPS®, those colorful, squishy marshmallow candies, have become a beloved Easter tradition for so many. But these sugary treats aren’t just for snacking – they’ve also inspired a thriving community of creative artists who transform the humble Peep into works of art and dioramas.

From scenes of PEEPS® partying like rock stars to dioramas depicting PEEPS® playing popular games, the entries in this year’s contests are nothing short of outrageous. Below are some past and present contest winners and entries for you to enjoy!

This fun PEEPS® playing Wheel of Fortune idea comes from a contest held by the Library Arts Center in Newport, New Hampshire. They host an annual PEEPS® diorama contest that seems to bring in lots of great entries which you can view here.

peeps playing wheel of fortune
Library Arts Center

The Carrol County Arts Council is located in Westminster, MD and features an annual “PEEPshow”. The submissions to this contest are nothing short of amazing. It acts as a virtual fundraiser and offers online voting and an in-person display. This content is a bit different as people use the PEEPS® treat to create something entirely new!

Below are some entries from 2023, but you can check out the 2024 entries here.

From Visit Occoquan we have a diorama contest with this rocker PEEPS® display that is so fun and creative. The edible glitter adds a whole other level of coolness.

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A contest held by Twin Cities Pioneer Press had some really cool creations as you can see here. The “Great MN Peeptogether” by the Schomberg family was an amazing recreation of the Minnesota State Fair. This was the winner in an older contest, but we thought it was worth sharing. Three generations of the family took part in creating this amazing PEEPS® display.

Science lovers also had an opportunity to showcase their smarts – and love of PEEPS®  in a contest put on by The Open Notebook. This science journalism nonprofit wanted to do something fun to bring awareness to the nonprofit and create an element of fun. And fun it was with entries like Museum of Natural Peepstory and Peepola Tesla.

peeps made into the museum of natural peepstory
Anna Rothschild, Shaena Montanari, Sarah Kaplan, Maryam Zaringhalam, Kate Furby.

And of course we cannot mention, the biggest event of them all from the Washington Post. They recently announced their 2024 PEEPS® diorama winners live on YouTube. This annual contest features some of the best designs and creatives that will totally amaze you.

One of our personal favorite artistic renderings using is the recreation of “The Scream”. This entry was from a contest held by The Seattle Times in 2016 and the first place winner was Lisa Johnson. The detail is amazing!

the scream made from peeps
Lisa Johnson / Seattle Times

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