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This coffee company was started by an ambitious man named Phil Jaber. Twenty-five years ago, Phil decided to make it his mission to formulate a …

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This coffee company was started by an ambitious man named Phil Jaber. Twenty-five years ago, Phil decided to make it his mission to formulate a perfectly balanced coffee blend. Over the course of his quest, trying hundreds and even thousands of cups of coffee, he developed thirty coffee blends, all unique. With those special coffee blends, he laid the foundation for Philz Coffee and opened his first store front. His stores and employees aim to exceed all customer expectations and deliver top quality products. They strive for perfection on every cup of coffee they make and want to deliver customer satisfaction.

What Is Philz Coffee?

Philz Coffee is a chain of small store fronts that specialize in individual cups of coffee. They pride themselves on fresh and unique products. You can find coffee, teas and even specialty foods at Philz.

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Store Locations

There are 44 store locations, in eight major areas:

  • Washington D.C. has three locations
  • San Diego has three locations
  • Sacramento has two locations
  • San Francisco has twelve locations
  • Orange County has two locations
  • Los Angeles has six locations
  • East Bay/Marin has six locations
  • Peninsula/South Bay has ten locations

You can locate the one nearest to you with the Philz Coffee app.

The Philz Coffee App

The Philz Coffee App

The Philz Coffee app is available on Apple and Android phones. It boasts an overall rating of four stars in the app store and over ten thousand downloads. The app can be opened with your fingerprint, and with the location detection setting, you can find the closest store location near you!You can place your order within the app and have it ready for you to pick up, at your convenience. You can specialize your drinks and input special instructions for your orders. On the app, you can create a personal profile to keep track of the blends you’ve tried, stores you’ve visited, and Baristas you’ve met.


There is an online menu and an in-store menu. Though all the coffee blends and teas are available online, there are some items that can only be purchased in stores, such as the food items.

The Blend Breakdown

At Philz Coffee there is a cup for everyone and the shop prides itself on this. Below is a list of all their coffee blends and their accompanying aromas.

Light Blends

  • “Sooo Good” — tobacco, grapefruit, and currant aromas
  • “Dancing Waters” — grains, cashews, and milk chocolate aromas
  • “Canopy of Heaven”  — strawberries, citrus, and herb aromas
  • “Ambrosia Coffee Gold” — grapes, toast, and blackberry aromas 
  • “New Manhattan”  — cherries, floral, and citrus aromas

Medium Blends

  • Greater Alarm — pineapple, cashews, and cocoa aromas
  • Philtered Soul —  chocolate, and hazelnut flavor aromas
  • Terosa — caramel, butter, and nutty aromas
  • Philharmonics — earthy, maple, and cardamom aromas
  • Silken Splendor — dark cocoa, citrus, and butterscotch aromas

Darker Blends

  • Ether — toffee, cinnamon, and cherry aromas
  • Aromatic Arabic —  smokey, earthy, and walnut aromas
  • Julie’s Ultimate —  toast, vanilla, and berry aromas
  • Tantalizing Turkish —  tobacco, herb, and cardamom aromas
  • Jacob’s Wonderbar — nutty, smoky, and dark chocolate aromas

Decaffeinated Blends

  • Ethiopia Light Roast —  chocolate, caramel, and tropical fruit aromas
  • Sumatra Medium Roast —  grapefruit, cocoa, and earthy aromas
  • Columbian Darker Roast —  smokey, maple, and herb aromas


  • Anise tea: for one fourth of a pound the price is around $5
  • Black Tea (loose leaves): has a smokey, dried fruit and floral aroma—costs around $25
  • Cardamom (freshly milled): for one fourth of a pound the price is $10.00
  • Green Tea (loose leaves): has a fresh grass, buttery, herby aroma—costs about $33
  • Chamomile: has floral, melon, and honey aromas—costs about $40
  • Yerba Mate: has a grainy, earthy, and toasty aromas—costs about $40

In-Store Menu

All the coffees and teas are included on the Philz Coffee website. If you’re craving something like an iced coffee or are feeling hungry, you’ll have to do so in-store.

Iced Coffees

  • Mint Mojito: has a sweet aroma of fresh mint and cream
  • Gingersnap: filled with rich spices, sweet, and creamy 
  • Mocha Tesora: an aroma of dark chocolate, caramel, and cocoa
  • Ecstatic: nutty, toffee, and toasty aromas

Food Menu

You can purchase food to accompany your beverages, in the store. All the nutritional information for these foods is listed on their website: Listed next to each food are the major allergens they contain. Listed below are all of their hand made food items, but they also serve bagels, breads, breakfast, cookies, scones, bars, muffins, and pastries.

The Philz Bagel 

The Philz Bagel

A bagel of your choice with cream cheese, tomato and cucumber, drizzled with olive oil, and finished with sea salt. The allergens it contains are wheat and milk.

Protein Energy Bowl 

Protein Energy Bowl

An energy bowl made of eggs, cucumber, hummus, and seasoned with Za’atar, salt and pepper to taste. The allergens it contains are wheat and eggs.

Mediterranean Avocado and Egg Toast

Mediterranean Avocado and Egg Toast

Toasted sourdough bread with an egg over avocado and olive oil spread, seasoned with sea salt, pepper, and Za’atar. The allergens it contains are wheat and eggs.

Labneh and Zatar Toast

Labneh and Zatar Toast

Sourdough toast with Labneh cheese and cucumber, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with Za’atar. The allergens it contains are wheat and milk.

Almond Butter and Jam Toast

Almond Butter and Jam Toast

Sourdough toast with an almond butter and strawberry jam. The allergens it contains are wheat and tree nuts.

Avocado Energy Bowl

Avocado Energy Bowl

An energy bowl made of eggs, avocados, cucumbers, hummus, and seasoned with salt, Za’atar, and pepper. The allergens it contains are wheat and eggs.


You can purchase each coffee blend at a rate of about $18 per pound. This does not include the “blend of the month,” which is the New Manhattan blend, available beginning October 2018. The New Manhattan special price is $14 dollars per pound, until October 31st, 2018.

By buying small, you can save $2 per pound, or more, while also supporting small businesses.

The Philz Coffee Subscription

On the Philz Coffee website, you can sign up for a subscription plan to have their special blends delivered to your home. You can choose from a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly and monthly delivery of your specific grind type.The grind types include:

  • Coarse grind
  • Fine grind
  • Medium grind
  • Espresso
  • Whole bean
  • Other—you can input specific grind instructions here

You can cancel your subscription at any time and can re-subscribe as you’d like. The price per coffee pound is the base price of about $18, not including shipping or taxes. There is a shipping estimator at checkout if you would like to see how much shipping would cost. All you need to enter is your zip code.

Coffee Recommendations

For chocolate and cocoa lovers:

  • Greater Alarm — a medium blend with cocoa aromas
  • Dancing Wate — a lighter blend, with milk chocolate aromas
  • Jacob’s Wonderbar — a darker blend, with dark chocolate aromas

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For earthy, spice lovers:

  • Ether — a darker blend, with cinnamon
  • Philharmonics — a medium blend, with earthy, and cardamon notes
  • Sooo Good — a lighter blend, with tobacco aromas

For citrus lovers:

  • Canopy of Heaven — a lighter blend, with strawberry and citrus notes
  • Ambrosia Coffee Gold — a lighter blend, with blackberry and grape aromas
  • New Manhattan — a lighter blend, with citrus and cherry notes
  • Silken Splendor — a darker blend, with citrus aromas (along with some dark cocoa notes for our chocolate lovers)

Along with dozens of other flavors, aromas, and blends to choose from, you can mix and match your favorites and find your perfect blends.


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Each coffee drinker has their preference, whether it be light, medium, or dark roast. Philz Coffee offers all these roasts, and each has a series of flavors to choose from so your favorite roast never gets boring. With multiple options for light, medium, and dark roast coffees, as well as decaf coffees and teas, Philz Coffee has made a small empire of loyal customers. Their diverse range of drinks and foods intrigues and attracts customers and their outstanding customer service keeps them coming back. 

In comparison to Dunkin Donuts, who sells their one pound bags for $20, and Starbucks who sell their one pound bags for $20 or MORE, Philz Coffee is less expensive. Plus, ordering from them supports a small business. Philz Coffee, unlike many larger corporations, offers an online subscription service where they will send your chosen coffee on your chosen time schedule. You can choose from a variety of different grind types, including whole bean and finely ground.All in all, with over forty store fronts spanning eight major locations, their app can help you find a shop near you. On the app, you can order from your phone and pick it up at your convenience. Philz Coffee is a major contender in the coffee game across America. With the quality of their products and their high rate of customer satisfaction, they are on a great path to becoming even larger.

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