Portos Cake Designs And Prices in 2022

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The majority of Portos cakes start around $23.00. The cheapest round Portos cake costs $8.75, while the most costly round cake costs $31.00, with the …

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The majority of Portos cakes start around $23.00. The cheapest round Portos cake costs $8.75, while the most costly round cake costs $31.00, with the remainder falling somewhere in the middle. As a result, the size purchased determines the price of Portos sheet cakes. You order early with at least 24 hours’ notice. However, depending on the cake, additional notice may be required. Not every Portos bakery cake is accessible at every location.

Portos Bakery can create your dream cake; whatever you wish to happen, they can make it happen. For more cakes Schnucks Bakery, Moreno Bakery, and City Cakes.

Portos Cakes Prices

Prices may vary depending on the size, design, and location.

Cake Type


Portos Special Flavors Bundt Cakes
8 Inch Creme Brulee Bundt Cake$16.50
9 Inch Crumb Bundt Cake$10.25
10 Inch Tres Leches Bundt Cake$17.05
9 Inch Dulce de Leche Cake$10.25
Portos Sheet Cakes
¼ Sheet Cake (Serves 25)$38.5
½ Sheet Cake (Serves 50)$70.00
Full Sheet Cake (Serves 100)$141.00
Portos Round Cakes
8 Inch Round Cake(Serves 10) $24.75
9 Inch Round Cake (Serves 12) $22.75
Portos Cupcakes
Mini Cupcake$1.05
Regular Cupcake$1.95
Decorated Cupcakes$3.25

Portos Cake Designs

Custom-made cakes show the recipient that you went above and beyond to organize their big day down to the last detail. There is simply no other aspect of a special occasion as essential as the cake. In addition, you can pair the cake with ice cream.

Portos Wedding Cake

When it comes to wedding cakes, Portos cake-making expertise is particularly excellent. They can also make traditional tiered cakes with swirls of white icing and lovely flowers. You can order more exotic designs, such as woodland cakes or castle-shaped ones. If you live within 100 miles of the Glendale Portos, you may be able to choose delivery when ordering wedding cakes. Otherwise, you’ll have to go to the store to get your cake. Furthermore, wedding cake pricing is only available upon request because it varies depending on your order.

Portos Graduation Cake

Portos simpler and ready-made cakes add a festive touch. You can also request a graduation cake. As a result, there are numerous alternatives for having cakes fashioned in school colors and tailored to reflect any graduate’s hobbies.

Sports-themed cakes will appeal to athletic kids, while a cake portraying a stack of books will appeal to scholarly ones. Then, if you need to serve many people at a large graduation party, go with a classic sheet cake topped with a lovely little graduation cap and certificate. In addition, the bakery can print a photograph of any graduate on top of one of their cakes.

Portos Baby Shower Cake

Celebrate the arrival of a new baby with one of Portos many lovely baby shower cakes. They feature a variety of sheet and round cakes in classic designs for low-cost shower cakes. If you want something more creative, you can choose a sheet cake carved into a structure like a stroller or baby clothing. Portos may create beautiful cakes shaped like infants for highly expensive baby showers. Then there are landscapes, animals, boats, and baby toys. In addition, some bakeries may be able to make gender-reveal cakes with the baby’s gender colored inside. Whether you need a cake to serve 10 or 100 people, Portos has a baby shower design to suit your needs. 

Portos Birthday Cake

You can choose from various designs at Portos Bakery for your birthday celebration. Portos cakes are suitable for a themed party whether the birthday celebrant is a child or an adult. Additionally, you can choose a specialty-shaped cake that you wish. The odd shapes that Portos can produce include charming creatures, entertaining fire trucks, princesses, mountains, and legos. You can choose readymade birthday cakes with festive floral or geometric motifs for a last-minute celebration. While you wait, Porto’s might be able to write a birthday greeting on a cake for you in some cases.

You might be curious and want to try their delicious cakes. You can go to their official website to order one of their cakes.

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