Sweet Jesus Ice Cream: Menu, Prices And Everything You Need To Know

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We’ve all experienced some peak of pleasure that made us say “Sweet Jesus.” And what an exclamation! Unlike many curses, “Jesus” is both soft and …

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We’ve all experienced some peak of pleasure that made us say “Sweet Jesus.” And what an exclamation! Unlike many curses, “Jesus” is both soft and hard. The soft J-sound just slips out, giving the exclaimer their choice of what part of the rest to lean into, giving the name a lot of variety: “JE-sus” for a genuine surprise, “JE-SUS” for sympathetic pain, “Je-SUS” for disbelief at another’s actions. But perhaps the best version of the exclamation is the “Jesus” you get following “Sweet.” Good things make you “mmm.” Great things make you “Sweet Jesus.” Well, limber those lips, because you’ll be saying that phrase a lot if you pick up some frozen goodness from the folks at Sweet Jesus Ice Cream.

Sweet Jesus offers a menu that looks unlike anyone else’s. Sure, they sell the standards (and sometimes you just cannot beat a classic chocolate or vanilla), but we wanted to provide you with our thoughts on the large selection provided by Sweet Jesus, so that your exclamations might be about the ice cream itself, not the vastness of the menu. We hope you’re not hungry (or at least not too far from some Sweet Jesus) because we’re diving into what makes this company stand out from the rest, and we’re getting covered in ice cream in the process.

We’ll present you with Sweet Jesus’ menu and prices, as well as our thoughts on each flavor. But first, it must be asked…

What Is Sweet Jesus Ice Cream?

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Sweet Jesus is a chain of ice cream shops in Ontario which sell their eponymous ice cream. Part of the Monarch & Misfit family of restaurants (which include La Carnita, Home of the Brave, and Good Fortune), Sweet Jesus Ice Cream aims to “mix the fine with the grime” as the company’s slogan states. According to their website, the founders of Monarch & Misfit were a “collection of individuals who decided to stop the endless search for the right restaurant and just create them instead.”

They’ve certainly created the “right restaurant” with Sweet Jesus. The first location opened up in Toronto, but confectionary experience from all over the world helped grow this initial shop into the multi-store chain that it is today.

As global leaders in making sweets and ice creams, the confectioners at Sweet Jesus made experimentation the core of their products. Nothing is too strange to try, but everything must be incredible to make it on the menu. That means you can trust them and go out on a limb with their flavors. “Cotton candy and vanilla ice cream” might sound like a strange mix, but since it comes from Sweet Jesus, you can trust that the flavor combination actually works.

What’s on the Menu?

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Soft serve makes up the backbone of the Sweet Jesus Ice Cream menu. Soft serve creations are what put Sweet Jesus on the map, and they still knock them out of the park today. These are no mere swirls of frozen cream atop a cone. However, they are towers of deliciousness usually blanketed with extra goodies like toasted pistachios, Fudgee-o cookies, or meringue crumble.

You’ll certainly want to grab a stack of napkins when you go after these beasts, but the potential mess is well worth it. Ultimately, whether you’re leaning towards a chocoholic’s dream like Bangin’ Brownie or a rainbow explosion of a treat like the Birthday Cake, you’ll find it very difficult to be disappointed with their soft serve offerings.

On top of soft serve, Sweet Jesus offers pints of ice cream, just like those comforting little fellows that hang out in our freezers waiting to cheer us up on a particularly tough day (or, for ice-cream-addicts like us, whenever we want). The added bonus is that these come topped with the same crumbles and sauces as their soft serve cone counterparts, which for the most part can be found in pint form. If there’s a soft-serve Sweet Jesus cone you just adore, you can most likely take a pint of that home.

Sweet Jesus also offers hot chocolates and shakes made with their ice cream. If you like the marshmallows in their Rocky Road Rage soft serve cone; you have got to try their S’mores Hot Chocolate containing toasted marshmallows, chocolate shavings, graham crumble, and a chocolate rim. Alternatively, if you’re so ravenous for chocolate ice cream that you just can’t eat it fast enough, try their Triple Chocolate Shake and deliver that chocolatey goodness to your brain through a straw.

On top of all these options, select locations also offer paletas (Mexican frozen popsicles), churros, coffee, espresso, tea, and frappes created with their famous ice cream.

What Are the Prices of Sweet Jesus Ice Cream?

Now that we know the categories of what Sweet Jesus sells, let’s dive into the specifics around their ice cream: items, ingredients, and prices. Since Sweet Jesus themselves started with soft serve cones, so will we.

If you are seeking just a single flavor and not one of their specialty cones, expect to pay $3.75. Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, burnt marshmallow, and raspberry lemonade. The specialty soft serve flavors will cost you a little more, but Sweet Jesus does not skimp on the extras. So, if any of the following options tickle your fancy, we’d highly encourage you to pay for the premium experience, including…

The O’Hungry ($6)

sweet jesus

This treat is made up of vanilla soft serve, peanut butter sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate peanut crumble, and chocolate sauce. Named after the author famous for his twist endings, the O’Hungry will certainly provide a twist (of soft serve) that will linger pleasantly in your memory after you’ve finished it.

Krusty the Cone ($6)

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This treat consists of vanilla soft serve, cotton candy, cotton candy sauce, and rainbow sprinkles. Perhaps the most flamboyant of the Sweet Jesus offerings, Krusty the Cone looks like a colorful clown nearly bursting from its cone confines (“cone-fines,” if you will).If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth and are unsure about the cotton-candy-on-ice-cream AKA sugar-on-sugar taste, don’t be. The combo works so much better than you’re imagining.

Rocky Road Rage ($6)

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This treat’s got chocolate soft serve, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, walnuts, cashew, and Oreo cookie crumble. Rocky Road is such an easy path to choose. Few styles of ice cream integrate textures as well as Rocky Road, and Rocky Road Rage takes that to the next level with Oreo cookies thrown into the mix.

Cookies Cookies Cookies and Cream ($6)

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In this treat, you can find vanilla soft serve, Oreo cookies, chocolate chip cookies, Fudgee-o cookies, and cookie dough chunks. If you thought Oreos were enough to make a satisfying cookies and cream ice cream, well you thought two cookies too short. Cookies Cookies Cookies and cream ups the ante with Fudgee-o’s, chocolate chip cookies, and chunks of that sinfully delicious cookie dough.

Hella Nutella ($6)

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This treat contains chocolate and vanilla twist soft serve, Nutella sauce, wafer cookies, Corn Flakes, and toasted pistachios. Is there anything Nutella won’t improve? We are seriously one step away from figuring out how well it goes on ribeye steak. Few flavor combinations rival Nutella, ice cream, and pistachio. Try this, and you’ll find out.

Red Rapture ($6)

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Red Rapture consists of vanilla soft serve, red velvet cake, cream cheese icing, raspberry sauce, and meringue crumble. Why does red velvet cake taste so much better than the chocolate cake it is merely a re-dyed version of? Science may never be able to tell us. But what is clear is that red velvet cake tastes best with vanilla soft serve, raspberry sauce, and meringue crumble.

Birthday Cake ($6)

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This treat’s got vanilla soft serve, cream cheese icing, birthday cake bits, and rainbow sprinkles. Sometimes you’ve gotta throw yourself a party. That’s exactly how you’ll feel full of this rainbow delight.

Bounty Killah ($6)

sweet jesus

This treat is made up of coconut soft serve, shredded toasted coconut, and dark chocolate sauce. The hunt-saboteur of soft serve ice cream. If you like coconut, you have to try this. If you love coconut, you probably already have.

Bangin Brownie ($6)

sweet jesus

Bangin Brownie’s got chocolate soft serve, caramel, chocolate sauce, brownie bits, and chocolate cookie crumble. Brownies and ice cream create a truly devilish delight. Combine both into ice cream, and you’ve got a can’t-fail flavor combination.

Red Velvet Cake Batter ($6)

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This treat has vanilla soft serve, cake batter, raspberry sauce, whipped cream, cream cheese icing, and red velvet crumble. The batter version of the red rapture, get that fatty, chewy cake batter taste all mixed up with red velvet and that classic Sweet Jesus ice cream.

Triple Chocolate ($6)

sweet jesus

This treat consists of chocolate soft serve, chocolate sauce, Oreos, brownies, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings. Does chocolate only come in odd-numbered portions? It seems to go from “chocolate” to “triple chocolate” to “death by chocolate,” and skips the intervals in between. This triple chocolate may not assassinate you with chocolate, but it comes pretty close.

Peanut Butter, Pretzel, & Nutella ($6)

sweet jesus

This last treat’s got vanilla soft serve, peanut butter sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream, Nutella sauce, and salted pretzel crumble. More ice cream shops need to embrace the salt plus sweet combo. The world clearly loves the combination, otherwise dipping fries into shakes wouldn’t be a thing.

Sweet Jesus Ice Cream – The Conclusion

Sweet Jesus does soft serve right. They offer other treats, such as espresso and churros, to compliment their incredible soft serve creations, but if you’re headed for Sweet Jesus, odds are you’re heading for ice cream. Their prices are consistent across items and tend not to change too much week to week. Ultimately you’ll decide whether you want to go the route of rainbow sprinkles, pistachios, or s’mores. Whatever you choose, odds are you’ll be exclaiming “Sweet Jesus!”

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