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Three Bothers Bakery is a Texas based bakery with several locations.

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The Three Brothers Bakery has been operating for five generations and over 70 years. They are known in Huston for having the most delicious handmade cake in town. And they can provide you with a promising cake for any occasion.

The Three Brothers Bakery also offers to ship nationwide with their handmade pies, gingerbread, and other products available in their store. And, over the years, the Three Brothers Bakery Cakes have received awards and positive feedback from their customers and clients. These people know that they have some of the best bakery cakes in the country.

Brothers Bakery Cakes Prices

Cake TypePrice
Build A Cakevaries
Pound and Sponge Cake$7.99
Dessert Cakesvaries
Coffee Cakesvaries

History Of Three Brothers Bakery Cakes

The bakery began in Chrzanow, Poland, where Napoleon had spent the night. Morris Jucker’s is the bakery that was operating around 1825. Sigmund Jucker is one of the original three brothers who relate our story to you as told to us. Because there were no mixers around this time, everything was made and mixed by hand. When they mix the dough, everything is ready by hand. Due to a bakers’ strike in 1932, two of Morris’ children, Sigmund and Sol, began working at the bakery at ten years of age. The European era of our family bakery ended when Sigmund and Sol were 19 years old, and the entire family transferred to prison camps in 1941.

On May 8, 1945, Sigmund got up early to wake everyone in the prison camp, which was one of his responsibilities. He woke up early on Liberation Day to discover no SS officers observing or in the prison camp. The SS fled so quickly that they had not even turned on the electrified barriers. Sigmund learns that the wire cutters can cut the wires on the gate. It allows him and the other prisoners to escape. Outside the gate, Sigmund was the first to take a breath of fresh air. He collapsed and kissed the ground. Now, five generations and 200 years later, Bobby and Janice wish to thank our extended team of bakers, decorators, salespeople, and, last but not least, the management team.

The Three Brothers Cakes Locations

Are you living in the same area where the three brothers’ bakery stores are?

The list of stores you can stop by

  • 4036 S Braeswood Blvd Houston, TX 77025 713-666-2253
  • 12393 Kingsride Ln Houston, TX 77024 713-464-2253
  • 574 Chimney Rock Rd. Houston, TX 77056 713-464-1226
  • 4606 Washington Ave Houston, TX 77007 713-522-2253

Visit one of their locations and sample their “must-have” cakes. You can never go wrong when you visit and try their handmade cakes.

Three Brothers Bakery Cakes Offered

The three brothers’ bakery offers a variety of pastries and cakes from which you can choose. From bagels, bread, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, hand-roasted coffee beans, party trays, pies, danish, and muffins, it is a one-stop shop where you find all you want when you want to have a coffee break.

Because of their variety of cakes and pastries, everyone loves to shop and order at the famous three brothers’ bake shop.

How To Order?

If you want to order a cake, you can contact them through their website to get the specific cake you want. And make suggestions, especially if you choose “build a cake,” because it is customized, you can specify what flavor, color, and decorations you want on your cake. And if you need shipping details, you can contact them directly through their page and ask for payment and shipping methods. If you are a walk-in customer, they have approachable and kind employees inside the bakery shop who will help and assist you.

In conclusion, cakes bring happiness. With the help of a little bit of sugar, you can savor the sweetness for your entire day.

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