Walmart Ice Cream: Menu Options, Prices And Everything You Need To Know

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Whether you’re trying to beat the summertime heat or you’re just in need of a sweet treat, Walmart has ice cream options for everybody. Walmart …

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Whether you’re trying to beat the summertime heat or you’re just in need of a sweet treat, Walmart has ice cream options for everybody. Walmart ice cream has a diverse selection of products and is satisfactory for everybody, no matter what your needs are. From popsicles and fruit bars, to ice cream cones and cookie sandwiches, the options are not only plentiful, but offered at low, affordable prices.

Walmart ice cream also has options for different dietary needs. Halo Top brand offers pints of ice cream that are dairy-free and low carb. So Delicious also has a dairy-free option made from cashew milk or coconut milk. Popsicle brand offers ice pop flavors with real fruit and fewer calories and sugars. Whether you prefer real milk treats or frozen vegan options, Walmart ice cream has the best options for the best prices.


Not only does Walmart have a wide variety of ice cream flavors at affordable prices, the convenience of shopping there is beyond what other stores can offer. Walmart makes it easy for anyone to stop in and pick up the items they need in a quick and efficient manner. Especially for those who live in warm climates, it’s important to shop for frozen foods like ice cream at a place that’s a reasonable distance from one’s home. Walmart has over 4,000 stores in America alone and it’s likely there is one a short distance for most people.


Walmart ice cream is convenient, because it allows shoppers to pick up everything on their lists without having to go to multiple stores or make multiple trips. Whether you’re picking up ice cream for just your family or for that Fourth of July barbeque you forgot about, everything you need is all in one place. Additionally, Walmart has all the fixings you need to make your ice cream including:

  • Sugar and waffle cones
  • Chocolate, strawberry, and caramel syrup
  • Sprinkles and candy toppings
  • Hot fudge
  • Hard shell toppings
  • Smucker’s fruit toppings
  • Whipped cream and cool whip

Freezer Bags

Forgot your cooler or freezer bags? No problem. Walmart has supplies to keep your ice cream frozen while you shop or on the drive home. Walmart has insulated shopping bags you can purchase that will keep your items cold, and the best part? They’re completely reusable. No need to throw them away after you’ve used them. You can bring them back into the store on your next shopping trip and use them again and again.

Walmart also has inexpensive styrofoam coolers that can be purchased for a couple dollars. They’ll keep your items cold, and can be reused or disposed of after.

No Memberships

Another great thing about buying Walmart ice cream? Anybody can shop at the store at anytime without a membership. Walmart, unlike stores like Sam’s Club and Costco, do not require a membership to shop. You can get large quantities of ice cream without paying a yearly membership or waiting for a certain time of day to do your shopping. 

What Do They Offer?

Perhaps what sets Walmart apart from its competitors is its variety of options. Many grocery stores only carry a small selection of ice cream, and they are unable to meet different dietary needs. Walmart has entire aisles filled with different types of ice cream. Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re just browsing, there are options that will appeal to everybody.

Ice Cream

waltmart ice cream

Walmart offers ice cream in many flavors and brands, as well as in different size containers. From pints to gallons, ice cream can be purchased to meet whatever your needs are. Ice cream can also be purchased in individual cups for children, barbeques, parties, or school events.

Some brands available at Walmart are: Great Value, Breyer’s, Tillamook, Blue Bell, Halo Top, So Delicious, Klondike, Edy’s/Dreyer’s, Ben and Jerry’s, Polar Treats, Haagen-Dazs, Magnum, Dove, Friendly’s, Purity Turtle, Country Rich, Skinny Cow, and Nestle.

Fruit Bars

waltmart ice cream

For those not really into chocolate or vanilla, there are also tons of fruit options and popsicles. Some of the popsicles available at Walmart are:

  • Bomb Pops
  • Outshine fruit bars
  • Phillyswirl swirl stix
  • Icee Italian ice bars
  • Popsicle brand in orange, grape, and cherry
  • Popsicle brand in rainbow
  • Sonic cherry limeade pops
  • Whole fruit frozen juice
  • Firecrackers
  • Blue ribbon dream bar
  • Helados Mexican assorted flavor pops


waltmart ice cream

Walmart also has a variety of ice cream sandwiches and chocolate bar items. Traditional ice cream sandwiches, Klondike bars, ice cream cookie sandwiches, and chocolate bar ice creams like Snickers and M&M’s are also available in the frozen section. Walmart even has their own brand of ice cream sandwiches that aren’t supposed to melt the way other brands do.

Otter Pops

waltmart ice cream

Another option that’s great for kids and large events are otter pops. Otter pops are fruit flavored frozen treats in clear plastic tubes that usually come in a variety of flavors. Some of the otter pop flavors are strawberry, lime, orange, punch, grape, and raspberry. You can purchase as many as 80 otter pops for under five dollars. Walmart even carries Jolly Rancher flavored Otter Pops. They’re simple, fun, and easy on the budget.

Ice Cream Cake


Have a birthday boy or girl that requested an ice cream cake? Walmart has you covered. There are tons of cake options available in the frozen and cake section of Walmart stores. Carvel, Friendly’s, and Jon Donaire offer different flavors of ice cream cakes in personal and party sizes.

Fudge Pops

waltmart ice cream

If you’re torn between a popsicle and ice cream, you also have the option of getting fudge pops. Walmart ice cream has several different brands of fudge pops in different sizes. Fudgsicle brand, Great Value, Blue Bell, and Blue Ribbon all make a type of fudge pop; and Breyer’s and Weight Watchers make their own kind that are carb smart and low calorie. 

What Are the Prices?

Walmart is known for always having low prices, and whether you’re on a tight budget, or just like to save a little money on everyday products, Walmart is the place to shop for all your needs.

Ice Cream

Walmart ice cream prices vary depending on the product and brand. For instance, the products with name brands like Breyer’s and Ben and Jerry’s are more expensive than Walmart’s own generic brand, Great Value.

A 48-ounce tub of ice cream can go from $1.98 to $3.98 each. A gallon of Melody Farms Neapolitan ice cream goes for $5.28. Popsicles can range from $1.98 to $6.78 for a 12 pack of pops. Overall, because of Walmart’s generic brand, their prices are lower than that of stores like Target and Safeway. Walmart also has frequent deals and sales on their ice cream products.

Ice cream that uses the name of cookie and candy bar brands are more expensive than brands that are just chocolate or vanilla. Breyer’s, for example, has an Oreo cookies and cream ice cream flavor in a 1.5 quart tub for $3.98. The same type of ice cream in the Great Value brand is sold for $1.98 in the same size tub. Reese’s, Snickers, and Heath Bar are three other types of candy bar flavored ice creams that Walmart carries.

Walmart Ice Cream: Great Value

For most flavors and types of ice cream, Great Value has created a similar flavor and type for a lower cost. The best way to save on ice cream at Walmart is to look for the Great Value brand, because the price is almost always cheaper than the name brand. Fortunately at Walmart, they carry tons of brands of ice cream, so if you’re not a fan of Great Value, there are other brands to choose from.

Price Match

Walmart’s price matching policy means you can get your ice cream for even cheaper than what it is sold for in stores. If you find a lower price on an identical item from an online retailer, Walmart will match the item’s price, as long as the item is in stock at Walmart and the online retailers website. In addition to price matching other retailers, Walmart will also correct the transaction if an item you recently purchased is now being sold at a lower price. However, you should make sure your local store participates in this practice beforehand.


Walmart ice cream is a great option for anybody who just wants a quick sweet treat, or for somebody planning a get together that involves an abundance of frozen treats. Whether you need tubs of ice cream, popsicles, ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwiches, otter pops, or fudge pops; Walmart has them. They also have all the fixings and toppings you need to make your ice cream party perfect.

Walmart’s prices are some of the most competitive in their industry, because they are able to offer products for much less than their competitors. As far as options go, no other store has as many options and varieties as Walmart, and their one-stop shopping ability makes them a desirable option for all different types of consumers.

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