Cami Cakes Designs And Prices in 2022

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The average bakery is not Cami Cakes. They concentrate on making cupcakes for any occasion, which is one thing they do well. Customers have celebrated …

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The average bakery is not Cami Cakes. They concentrate on making cupcakes for any occasion, which is one thing they do well. Customers have celebrated birthdays, weddings, new babies, and graduations with the original Cami Cakes flavors. Many choose Cami cupcakes even during long office meetings instead of the usual doughnut or cookie break.

Additionally, their cakes are usually under $55, making it possible to celebrate a special event without going over budget. You may learn every little thing regarding Cami Cakes’ designs and prices in this article.

Cami Cakes Prices

Cake Type


Cami Round Cakes
Bundt Cake$29.00
Double Layer Round Cakes$49.00
Specialty Flavors Round Cakes$54.00
Cami Cupcakes
Single Cupcake$3.25
Six Count Cupcake Pack$18.00
Mini Cupcakes$1.50
Twelve Count Mini Cupcake Pack$16.00

Cami Cakes Designs

There will be 23 different cupcake variations, so everyone can find a unique taste they like. For purists, there are traditional flavors like Classic Cami chocolate and vanilla. Moreover, popular cupcake flavors include Key Lime, Red Berries, and Strawberry -N- Cream. For those with a sweeter palate, there are also candy-flavored Cami cupcakes like Lemon Drop, The Elvis, and Mint Chocolate. In addition, there are small versions of twelve of the most popular standard Cami cupcake varieties.

They also offer full-size, round-layer cakes in the shape of all 23 kinds of cupcakes. Cami cakes are customized with messages on the top of the larger cakes to indicate the occasion for any celebration.

Graduation Cakes

Graduation celebrations are the ideal justification for splurging on a Cami cake. Cami cakes might not have a word of congratulations written on them, but the lovely frosting designs are festive enough to be used at a celebration. So, with so many flavors to pick from, it is simple to find the graduate’s favorite taste at Cami’s. Special flavors like triple chocolate and salted caramel can add to the memorable aspects of a graduation party. You can then buy one of Cami’s uniquely flavored cakes with icing in one of these colors if the graduate school’s colors are red, white, yellow, orange, or green. 

Birthday Cakes

Choosing a cake with the birthday person’s preferred flavor is typically preferable to giving much thought to the design. Most cakes include a ring of fruit or candy around the perimeter as decoration. Thus, candles can be put in the center of any birthday party. Additionally, Cami sells a variety of delicious and exquisitely adorned cupcakes for birthdays if you don’t want to bother cutting portions of cake. In addition, Cami offers several delectable seasonal flavors like pumpkin, which might be a sweet choice for folks who have birthdays close to important holidays. You can visit Moreno Bakery, Meijer Cakes, and Hyvee Cakes for more cakes.

Wedding Cakes

Traditional wedding cakes are not something Cami makes. When you have a small, informal wedding and yet want to celebrate with a cake, they do sell cakes that can be useful. Consider buying one of the Cami cakes topped with fluffy white frosting since white cakes are popular during weddings. Additionally, they have several delectable tastes, including lemon drops and white chocolate macadamia, all of which have lovely white hues. These cakes, therefore, have plenty of room for a figure depicting the bride and groom to put on top. Then, to match the colors of your wedding, you can order anything that you like to complement your motif.

How To Order?

Customers of Cami can place online orders through the company’s website or buy products in person. Therefore, it is possible to buy freshly created cupcakes and cakes immediately. However, remember that you might need to order one or two days in advance to get popular varieties that sell out.

Any party may become more of a celebration by adding fun flavors and designs. Did you previously place an order with Cami? Please share your favorite taste in the comments section below.

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