Delectable Desserts That Diabetics Can Enjoy


If you are a diabetic you may struggle to find desserts that really give off exceptional flavors. This list of diabetic desserts can help!

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As a child of a diabetic mom, I remember the frustration she had with no being able to find any sweets. Thankfully, these days there are more options than ever before. We reached out to some of our favorite bakers to see what they had that could be included in a diabetic diet.

Keep in mind, you always want to make sure the ingredients align with your specific health needs. While some ingredients, like chocolate chips, may be fine for most in small amounts – you want to make sure you use caution. Otherwise read on – and explore new desserts to satisfy those dessert cravings.

Strawberry Crumble Bars

strawberry crumble squares on a plate
Eat Fresh Glow

Perfect as a dessert or a dessert. This recipe from Eat Fresh Glow features fresh strawberry between layers of oats mixed with oat flour, coconut oil, coconut sugar and more. Ever bite a healthy bit of sweet that will make you want more.

Peanut Butter Oat Cups

no bake peanut butter oat cup
The Dietitician Prescription

Part healthy snack, part dessert. This dessert comes from The Dietitian Prescription and will give you all the feels of a famous peanut butter cup we all know and love. Only five ingredients are needed, each of which will have a low glycemic impact!

Key Lime Pie Truffles

key lime truffles in a bowl
Lauren Kelly Nutrition

A taste of Jimmy Buffet in a bite sized truffle. Six simple ingredients are all that are needed for this recipe from Lauren Kelly Nutrition. The truffles are low carb, sugar-free, and gluten-free making it great for many types of diets.

Millionaire’s Shortbread

millionaires shortbread bites on tray
100 Days of Real Food

No refined sugar, but a whole lot of flavor make this recipe from 100 Days of Real Food a great diabetic dessert option. A crispy shortbread crust topped with a sweet and gooey caramel layer is special on its own. Add that top layer of chocolate and you have a dessert you will want so much more of.

Mocha Keto Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake with whipped cream on a plate
We Eat At Last

Don’t forego the ultimate chocolate cake just because you are a diabetic. This recipe from We Eat At Last is a mouth-watering chocolate cake made with a variety of healthy ingredients – and no sugar.

Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pudding

sweet potato chia seed pudding in a cup
Rae Public

Five simple ingredients brings this recipe from Rae Public to life. This purple sweet potato pudding features bananas, cashew milk, poppy and chia seeds which bring an elevated flavor that everyone will love.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

gluten free chocolate brownies
100 Days of Real Food

The moist delicious brownies from 100 Days of Real Food are gluten-free and uses coconut sugar to help the sweetness level. Be sure to select chocolate chips with no added sugar!

Vanilla Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

vanilla chocolate cheesecake bars on chocolate crust
Lauren Kelly Nutrition

Smooth and silky vanilla chocolate cheesecake sits atop a chocolate cookie crust in this recipe from Lauren Kelly Nutrition. The sweetness factor is raised with your choice of Monkfruit or any preferred sugar-free sweetener you enjoy.

Chocolate Mousse

chocolate mousse in cup
The Short Order Cook

Not only is this dessert diabetic friendly, it is also low-carb. Enjoy all the chocolate flavor without any of the guilt – or health issues. This recipe from The Short Order Cook only requires two ingredients that you probably have on hand.

Banana Cream Pudding

cups of banana cream pudding
Beet of the Wild

From Beet of the Wild we have a delicious sounding banana cream pudding. This is a truly healthy dessert that features bananas, but also includes turmeric giving it an extra goodness kick. There is no dairy, cornstarch, added sugar or any other nasty additives.

Apple Crumble

apple cumble in a bowl
Healthy Hearty Wholesome

A lower calorie and sugar recipe from traditional apple crumble recipes. Hearty Wholesome brings a delicious crumble recipe that features apples, oats, honey or maple syrup and other natural ingredients. These will leave your body happy and your blood sugar levels in check.

Lemon Cake with Blueberries

lemon blueberry cake sliced
Cuisine and Travel

No gluten, no sugar – but still a whole lot of flavor. The recipe comes from Cuisine and Travel and uses monk fruit sweetener to bring out the sweet flavors. Almond and coconut flour are the main ingredients that go into the cake. This will be a hit dessert at any event or Sunday brunch. But, you will have to leave off the drizzle on top since that has sugar in it!

The 70s Called They Want You To Enjoy Jello Again

red white and blue layered jello stars
Princess Pinky Girl

Childhood memories for most of us include Jello. But did you realize just how many unique ways Jello was used? Check out all the amazing retro inspired Jello desserts you can enjoy.

Dessert Charcuterie Board Inspiration For All Occasions

birthday numbers charcuterie board

Don’t let your desserts be boring. Create a charcuterie board of desserts that will be the start on the dessert table.

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