Drakes Cakes Designs And Prices in 2022

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Because of the excellent quality of their products, Drakes Cake is one of the most popular bakeries. Also, they are delicious and reasonably priced, much …

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Because of the excellent quality of their products, Drakes Cake is one of the most popular bakeries. Also, they are delicious and reasonably priced, much like the majority of Drakes’ products. Drakes cakes come in a range of flavors and fillings, and their prices vary according to their size and designs. For those who are short on time, they also provide ready-made cakes. To have a customized cake, however, the majority of clients prefer to place an order in advance. Additionally, as Drakes offers creative designs that can satisfy their customers, that’s why customized cakes are in demand. Drakes Cakes can turn your dream cake into reality!

Drakes Cakes Prices

Cake TypePrice
8 Inch Round $13.99
¼ Sheet Cake $28.99
½ Sheet Cake $44.99
Full Sheet Cake $54.99
Customized Cake varies

Drakes Cakes Designs

Drakes Cakes has some readymade round and sheet cakes that are covered in impersonal icing designs if you’re in a rush. But, the majority of their customers prefer to order in advance to get a custom design. Also, custom cakes from Drakes Cakes frequently have round, tiered, or sheet shapes. For an additional fee, you can select your cake from a selection of common flavors, fillings, and frosting types. The bakery offers a variety of cakes for different occasions, such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings, bridal showers, and more! Therefore, there is no need to worry, as Drakes Cakes is always available.

Baby Shower Cakes

Customized designs from their bakery are perfect for baby showers since they can generally accommodate most requests. White cakes with pink or blue designs are their go-to choices for baby shower cakes. Also, you can ask for a message congratulating the parents or extending congratulations on the birth of the child. Additionally, they provide charming gender reveal cakes that are dusted with pink and blue frosting, allowing the parent to crack the cake open and determine the baby’s gender based on the cake’s color. In addition, a quarter sheet cake may be sufficient for smaller baby showers, while a tiered circular cake may be necessary for larger events.

Wedding Cakes

The bakery can make creative wedding cakes for their customers since they also specialize in wedding cakes. However, the cake decorators usually need to meet with you a few months before your wedding to work on the design of these cakes. Additionally, their traditional wedding cakes consist of a few tiers of square or round cakes. To fit the theme of your event, it can be frosted in either white or icing that has been specially made. Any full-sheet cake can be decorated with an all-white icing pattern to look stunning for a wedding reception.

Birthday Cakes

Smaller round and quarter sheet sizes are the least expensive customized birthday cakes. They can add a short birthday greeting and some decorations for no extra cost. They might provide choices like themed cakes or cakes featuring officially licensed characters for an added price. These birthday cakes are perfect for honoring a celebration theme like hobbies, cartoon characters, or witty ideas. Drakes Cakes is the solution if you’re seeking a bakery that can make whatever you want! Inquire with them for more details!

Graduation Cakes

When ordering Drake’s cake, you have a few different graduation options to choose from. One of these cakes is especially for graduation; it features a graduation cap next to some balloons that display the graduating class’s year. Receiving this cake will surprise and please the celebrant. A message congratulating the graduate on their graduation can be added to several basic celebrations and special occasion cakes that can be customized in their school colors.

Customers seeking quality cake at an affordable price will find Drake’s cakes to be both affordable and customizable. You may make a design for any occasion, including a birthday, wedding, baby shower, graduation, or other special events, due to the wide variety of icing options.

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