These Recipes Prove French Bread Can Make Surprisingly Good Sweet Treats

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French bread is not just for meals anymore. Explore how ways to use this delicious bread as a base in a variety of sweet recipes.

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Crusty, chewy, and incredibly versatile, French bread is the backbone of countless classic dishes from France and beyond. Whether you’ve got a fresh baguette or some day-old leftovers, these recipes showcase the delicious ways to incorporate this iconic loaf into satisfying sweet treats.

French bread’s distinctive texture and mild flavor make it an ideal ingredient for savory and sweet creations alike. Whether you choose to use French bread in bread pudding or for french toast, this bread option will not disappoint. The sweetness of each of these recipes make them perfect for dessert, breakfast – or for any time a sweet craving hits.

Crockpot French Bread Pudding

french bread pudding on a plate with whipped cream
In The Kids Kitchen

A bread pudding recipe from In The Kids Kitchen that could not be easier to make. All you need is a crockpot, french bread, eggs, milk and cinnamon for the base. Then add in the homemade sugar cinnamon topping. Drop them all in the crockpot and let the cooking magic begin. Great recipe for the little ones to help make too.

French Toast Casserole with Ricotta and Lemon

french bread french toast casserole plated
A Pinch of Zest

Dessert or breakfast, we don’t care! This elevated recipe from A Pinch of Zest can be used with a variety of bread including your favorite French Bread. Stale french bread will be amazing since it will create a bit of crunch that will give the toast some extra texture. The combination of the bread with ricotta and lemon zest with a touch of maple syrup make this a treat for any time of die. Add some powdered sugar or fruit for an extra sweet touch.

Rhubarb Bread Pudding

rhubarb bread pudding in cups
Christinas Cucina

What happens when you mix a bread pudding with rhubarb? Something pretty amazing. This recipe from Christinas Cucina features a bread and butter pudding with the added bonus of fresh rhubarb. The “icing on the top” so to speak is the delicious homemade orange custard. Add a little whipped cream for a perfect finish.

Panettone French Toast Casserole

french toast pudding with panettone bread in a dish
Happy Foods Tube

Dredge that French bread in a creamy egg mixture, add some cherry pie filling and let it bake to absolute perfection. The recipe from Happy Foods Tube uses panettone, but French bread is a great option that will taste just as amazing.

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

chocolate chip bread pudding with maple whisky
Scotch and Scones

An elevated flavor hits all the spots with this great bread pudding recipe from Scotch and Scones. This unique take features the goodness of a standard bread pudding but features a maple whisky custard. Toss in some pecans, cherries and chocolate chips and you will have a real deal dessert flavor. Top it off with a homemade maple whisky sauce for an extra adult kick.

Double Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

chocolate chip bread pudding on a plate
The Bonnie Fig

The ultimate dessert inspired bread pudding comes from Bonnie Fig. This recipe is infused with rich chocolate custard and chocolate chips. The outer layer is a shell of melted chocolate. Top it with ice cream, whipped cream or a fruit compote to make it something totally unique.

Cranberry Orange Bread Pudding

cranberry orange bread pudding
Christinas Cucina

Another way to use that French bread in a totally flavorful way. A mix of flavors from Christinas Cucina that includes oranges and cranberries give this a citrus twist. An adult level recipe that features a touch of Grand Marnier liqueur to elevate the whole dish to something amazing. Perfect for dessert – or just because.

Apple French Toast Casserole

chai apple french toast from the oven
She Keeps A Loverly Home

The perfect recipe for fall comes from She Keeps A Lovely Home. Delicious apples and chai spices give this french toast casserole the flavors of fall that everyone loves. The spiced custard poured over the french bread and apples and a streusel inspired topping will be a dish everyone will want you to make more often.

Honey Bread Pudding with Raisins and Vanilla Sauce

honey bread pudding being served from dish
Grits and Gouda

Bits of french bread soaked in a delicious custard are the base of this bread pudding from Grits and Gouda. Add some raisins to the mix and top with a homemade drizzle of honey and butter. Or swap out the raisins for some white chocolate chips and cranberry for a whole different taste sensation.

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