Sylvia Weinstock Cakes Designs and Prices in 2023

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Sylvia Weinstock Cakes started in the simple setting of a country cottage and has since expanded to provide stunning, custom-designed cakes for every occasion worldwide. …

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Sylvia Weinstock Cakes started in the simple setting of a country cottage and has since expanded to provide stunning, custom-designed cakes for every occasion worldwide. Also, her cakes are available for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, themed birthday celebrations, baptisms, and retirements. Moreover, their specialty is custom-designed cakes, and Sylvia Weinstock’s cake pricing starts at $17 per serving. The complexity and scale of the design influence Sylvia Weinstock’s pricing. Ms. Weinstock’s team handles delivery, which starts at $200 for local deliveries. All orders begin with sampling and consultation on-site. Continue reading for more information.

Sylvia Weinstock Cakes Prices

Prices may vary depending on the size and design of the cake.

Type of CakePrice
Custom Cake$17+ per serving
Design or Theme Cake$500 (minimum cake order)

Sylvia Weinstock Cake Designs

The clients can stretch their imaginations to create the most magnificent cake art. Floral cakes are a specialty of this shop, and it takes the typical artist around one 40-hour work week to create 100 roses. Also, they produce edible art to embellish the practically limitless combinations of Sylvia Weinstock cakes and filling varieties. Previous edible art creations have included handbags, families, hobbies, and more. Then, Sylvia Weinstock’s small cakes are also popular, allowing for slight customization for each visitor on the celebratory occasion.

Baby Shower Cake

Sylvia Weinstock’s stunning designs are ideal for your beautiful baby shower celebration. Traditional round and square cakes decorated with edible, handcrafted flowers or baby toys are popular choices. They can also make cakes shaped like infants, strollers, storks, or other baby shower-related items. Moreover, the company allows for complete customization, so you can order a gender-reveal cake in a color that depicts the baby’s gender. The fanciful character of baby showers is an excellent setting for Sylvia Weinstock’s little cakes. You can also order a set that resembles baby blocks, flower bouquets, or other appropriate imagery. Get a cake from them to share with your family at this beautiful celebration.

Birthday Cake

A Sylvia Weinstock cake for a birthday is something special. Each design takes a lot of time and cares to make it right for the birthday boy or girl. That is why it is ideal to schedule a consultation as early as two months before the event to guarantee that your date is on the calendar. Consider the celebrant’s hobbies and interests while designing a birthday cake. Almost anything is feasible thanks to Sylvia Weinstock bakery’s skills. An outdoor enthusiast might eat a tent-shaped cake adorned with woodland creatures. Furthermore, Sylvia Weinstock’s cake costs for birthday parties start at $17 per person. As you can see, Sylvia Weinstock’s price is reasonable for such a lovely design. You can also check Moreno Bakery, Ingles Bakery, and Meijer Cakes for more birthday cakes!

Wedding Cake

The elegance and beauty of Sylvia Weinstock’s floral cakes make them suitable for a wedding. Wedding cakes are one of the bakery’s most popular categories, so they have plenty of experience with them. Towering wedding cakes with up to seven tiers covered in lacey embroidered designs and edible flowers are available from their shop. In addition, customers often choose a white-on-white design or a white cake adorned with flowers in the wedding colors. Also, Sylvia Weinstock has several other options if you don’t want something flowery.

Moreover, the cakes appear to be a genuine representation of the bride and groom. It will be worthwhile to have your wedding cake made by Sylvia Weinstock. They will undoubtedly exceed your expectations on your most anticipated day of knot-tying.

Ms. Weinstock’s and her professional staff’s amazing inventions delight and captivate. They make every design that reflects the purpose of the celebration. We’d love to hear about your Sylvia Weinstock Bakery experience. Leave a comment to tell us what you thought of Sylvia Weinstock’s cakes and prices. You can also visit their website for more information.

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