10 Vintage Baking Ads From The 1950’s Featuring Popular Recipes

Jill Caren

Take a step back in time to the Golden Age with these inspiring ads featuring a collection of recipes and baking recommendations that 1950’s families loved.

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The 1950s were considered a great decade. It was filled with economic growth and prosperity after World War II. The post-war boom led to expanded job opportunities, suburbanization, and increased consumerism. The 1950s was also a time of cultural excitement, with the emergence of rock ‘n roll, iconic movies, and stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

But what we really love are the desserts of course! These baking advertisements and articles bring us all the 1950’s retro feels. These are perfect for party planning inspiration or to just enjoy a journey back in time to relive the “good ole’ days”.

1. Pretty Party Cake Ideas Ad

pretty for parties 1952 article and illustration
Vivat Vintage / Tumblr

This ad featured some of the 1950’s most popular desserts. The article included recipes for Pineapple Party Cake (illustrated), Strawberry Chiffon Pie (illustrated), Fruited Ice Cream Pavlovas (illustrated), Rhubarb Fantasy (illustrated), Fruit Salad Surprise and Orange Wine Snow.

2. Pineapple Upside Down Cake Ad

pineapple upside down cake ad from 1955
Quaint Cooking

This ad was sponsored by the Pineapple Growers Association in 1955 to promote their canned pineapples. The Pineapple Upside Down Cake was a trend in the 1950’s and this ad showed it could be made with crushed, chunks or slices of pineapple.

3. Jello-O is the Gay Dessert Ad

jell-o is the gay dessert ad in 1958
Arnold Zwicky

This ad may cause some controversy today, but back in 1958, it was a fun ad that inspired the feeling of happiness and joy when eating the iconic brand. The creative recipe on the ad featured a kindergarten carousel with real animal crackers inside the Jello-O.

4. Betty Crocker Brownies Ad

ad for betty crocker brownies from 1956
Vintage Ads, Commercials and Artwork / Facebook

Betty Crocker is a staple in 1950’s baking – and still is today. Their chocolate brownie mix ad features a variety of option for baking brownies with their mix. From an ice cream sandwich to a peanut brownie, you were and are – only limited by your imagination!

5. Dandy-Lion Cake Ad For Baker’s Coconut

dandy-lion cake from the 1950s
Glorious Vintage Stuff / Facebook
An adorable cake that was promoted by Baker’s Coconut in a specialty booklet in 1959. In an effort to promote their coconut, they created this adorable recipe that would be perfect for any kids birthday party. The main and tail feature the coconut they sold.

6. My-T-Fine Banana Pudding Ad

1952 ad from my-t-fine for banana cream pie

My-T-Fine was a popular pudding brand in the 1950’s. It is still in business and selling puddings in many different flavors. This ad is from 1952 and features one of the most popular pies, Banana Cream Pie. The quick and easy recipe is shown at the bottom so you can get busy making it!

7. Party Pinwheel From Jell-O

jell-o party pinwheel dessert ad
Vintage Inn

Jell-O created this ad in 1957 to promote their pudding and pie filling. The recipe called for not only their pudding, but pineapples, raspberry jelly roll and whipped cream to create an amazing party dessert.

8. Fluffy Fruit Pie Ad by Gold Medal Flour

fluffy fruit pie by gold medal flour ad
Vintage Ads / Reddit

To promote their flour, Gold Medal created this ad in 1957 for a “flower” of a pie recipe. The recipe would create a light and fluffy topping that would sit beautifully on the pie shell made with Gold Medal brand flour.

9. Kraft Toppings Ad

kraft toppings ad campaign
Vintage Ads / Reddit

Kraft toppings in vanilla and chocolate caramel being poured over a delicious banana split was the ad of choice in 1959. The ad was an effort to promote their whole line of toppings that included strawberry, pineapple, as well their caramel versions.

10. Square Dance Party Cake Ad from Dexo

square dance party cake ad from 1950
Click Americana

Dexo was a shortening that was popular back in the day. We could not find any recent news about it or when they may have stopped production, but this ad was a standout in its day. This 1950 ad featured a checkerboard cake that used dexo brand shortening.

Feeling nostalgic now? I know I am! For more vintage dessert news and ideas, be sure to follow us on MSN or you can visit Dessert Menus to see all of our news and articles.

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